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The CoachPro System™ is a dedicated and responsive self-development HR platform designed to drive and support an inclusive culture of ownership, wellbeing and performance across your Teams and Business.

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What is CoachPro?

Businesses of all sizes are using CoachPro to support and expand their HR strategies.

The CoachPro System is an innovative and award-winning Self-Development HR platform for extraordinary achievement and ultimate growth of your People and your Business.

With CoachPro you can give your workforce all they need to deal with the situations and opportunities they face, in the moments that matter, exactly when they need it, to achieve optimal results.

CoachPro is an HR self-development application that allows your workforce to grow at their own pace, with high-performance structures, processes and responsive content to help them build a personalised development journey.

CoachPro supports your people to increase their confidence, skills and results quickly and easily by combining a determination to self-develop with an increasing ability to self-coach so that they can realise their fullest potential.

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Why Self Development?

Self-Development drives and supports an inclusive approach of ownership and personal growth across your Teams & Business. This approach is designed to enhance the performance and results of your workforce and the capacity of your HR Teams and strategies.

Self-Development on The CoachPro System™ delivers results in personal growth and achievement that are way beyond what your workforce would get from self-help, or self-improvement.

Self-Development on CoachPro is a conscious process of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-assessment and self-determination of the skills, qualities, methods and habits that will see you realise your fullest potential.

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Why Self Coaching?

Is Your Workforce Ready for CoachPro?

Self-Coaching on The CoachPro System™ is the most powerful method of Self-Development, delivering outcomes and personal growth for your Business that will far exceed what you could hope for from training, mentoring or external coaching.

Self-Coaching on CoachPro combines the determination to identify and shape the future that your people want to achieve with the structure, process and focus of professional self-coaching. This is then amplified by the intuitive technology of The CoachPro System™ to maximise development and results.

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  • Personal and Professional Development

Realising Potential

The CoachPro System™ is a game-changer in HR for Self-Development and Self-Coaching as your workforce can now own, and rely upon, the expertise, process, questions, structure, data and insight of professional coaching and development to determine their journey and fulfilment.

For the first time, Self-Development & Self-Coaching are no longer things that your workforce have to do on their own or wait to be provided with; CoachPro is there at their side, at the moments that count most, for their journey to fulfilment with the optimal mindset, strategies and performance measures at their fingertips 24/7.

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Benefits Of Self Coaching

Ultimate Personal Growth

Self-Coaching is the most impactful and rewarding form of personal development anywhere.

Your workforce will learn to trust and understand who they are.
They will upgrade their inner talk.
They will become more confident and curious.
They will gain time to pause, reflect and learn.

They will make more conscious choices and decisions.

They will learn to own and determine their future.

This is the power of Self-Coaching!

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Business Management
Time Management
Personal Effectiveness
Personal Achievement
Work / Life Balance
Personal Success

Individual Development

A life is largely what an individual will make of it, and we believe your people are capable of making it into something special.

The CoachPro System™ is the ideal HR self-development partner designed to provide your workforce with the structures, processes and measurement required for them to reach their fullest potential on a journey of personal growth and self-determination.

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Leadership & Management

The CoachPro System™ is a powerful self-development HR platform that supports your people to achieve their ultimate level in Leadership and Management. Providing all the structures, processes and measurement required to reach their fullest potential through enhanced skills, habits and strategies. Using responsive technologies and proven frameworks, CoachPro enables your workforce to define and build their unique development pathway, growing as a person to become the optimal Leader and Manager.

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Diverse & Inclusive

The CoachPro System™ is a dedicated Self-Development HR Platform designed to drive an inclusive culture of high-performance, ownership, self-determination and personal growth across your Teams and Business.

To have an inclusive culture that drives all the benefits from self-directed learning, accountability, active participation and strategic ambition, there needs to be a platform that provides the structures, processes, measurement and flexible delivery that is accessible across your workforce.

Designed around proven frameworks and processes that are inclusive and accessible for all levels of employee, CoachPro offers a comprehensive solution and a fantastic employee experience across your Teams and Business.

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Career Development

With the new world of work driving the need for reskilling and upskilling, for many the paths to career progression, development and successful succession will be new and challenging for employees and for HR.

The most fulfilling careers will be built by those who decide to own their future, to self-determine the outcomes they want, and by those who will commit to the personal growth required to get there.

The CoachPro System™ is a powerful career building Partner who ensure that your workforce have all the structures, processes, measurement and confidence to realise their fullest potential personally and professionally.

This self-development approach of building self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination will ensure that their success is genuine, authentic and sustainable.

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Coach Development

The CoachPro System™ is an essential and unique self-development partner for any Coaches in your workforce who want to achieve high performance and to build an expert reputation.

Self-development is a demonstration of their personal ownership and commitment to an ongoing process of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-assessment and self-determination as a Coach.

You will be giving them the opportunity and platform on which to continually upgrade and develop the skills, qualities, methods and goals they want to reach as a Coach, which serves to enhance the internal coaching capability and capacity for your Teams and Business.

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CoachPro Boosts Working & Life Growth Potential.

Whether self-coaching as individuals or teams, conducting self-assessments or 360 assessments, watching short instructional videos or completing comprehensive programmes … The diversity of the CoachPro self-development framework guarantees the most relevant support, direction and learning for your Teams & Business.


Work Life

Focused, Meaningful, Inspiring, Purposeful, Rewarding, Exciting Opportunities.

Home Life

Happy, Fulfilling, Harmonious, Connected, Present, Content.

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    “I am privileged to have experienced the benefits of having early access to CoachPro, and to say that it has been life changing is an understatement.  It has been a year since, and I know that it is always there for me. I have copious notes from each session, and insightful reports and data which always provides me with a light at the end of the tunnel for even the most significant challenges I face.”


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