Becoming a Genuine Game-Changer

Game-Changers are not recognised by how many things they are able to do; they are identified by the things that they can do that make a real difference.

Game-Changers are able to grasp the opportunity to make something happen that would otherwise not happen, because they are always looking for those opportunities.

Game-changing opportunities do not always appear, they tend to be created and shaped by people who ask game-changing questions.

CoachPro is a self-development system designed to provide you with the structures, processes, questions and focus on the things that really matter to you, and to support you in making sure that these things remain as your most important thing.

In these days of information overload, extensive commentary and opinion, and the constant bombardment of social media in our lives, it is more important now than ever before not to overload yourself with all the areas and aspects of a situation so that you can mentally transition for highest impact.

Game-Changers are creative, solution-focused thinkers:

  • They know to highlight only the most crucial, important, impactful areas
  • They know that the “One Thing” at a time is most likely to be what makes the biggest difference to their performance.
  • They know that the quality of their question is what will drive their thinking towards an outcome, so they ask bigger questions.
  • They know the difference between being problem-focused and solution-focused, so they make a conscious decision.

The CoachPro System™ helps you identify your “One Thing” at a time through detailed and insightful sessions, self-assessments and 360 assessments so that you:

  • Feel in control, not overwhelmed.
  • Feel assured and capable, not intimidated.
  • Feel more confident and less anxious
  • Have clarity on your goals and aims, not confusion.

There are 4 key components required to be considered as a genuine game-changer, someone who impacts the dynamic of a situation to take it to a place that it was not already aiming for. Although you may have reacted to a situation that resulted in a significant change in direction, approach or outcome, to be considered as a genuine game-changer this needs to be developed into a conscious and consistent strategy rather than just a positive response on occasion.

These 4 key components currently form a daily checklist that we implement each day at CoachPro to ensure that we are committed to being solution-focused and game-changing in the situations, challenges and circumstances in which we operate.

It is always recommended that wherever possible you run through this checklist prior to engaging in any call, event, situation or conversation so that your starting position is optimal, as once you are involved it can be difficult to rein in your thoughts and feelings. In time however, as you develop this discipline and understanding, you will find that even the most spontaneous or immediate situation still provides you with enough opportunity to get your thinking straight before you get consumed.

4 Points of a Game-Changer:

  1. Focus:

Focus on the Solution, not the problem.

Am I asking a solution focused question, or a problem focused question? Am I asking a future-based question or a past-based question? Am I asking a positive question or a negative question? Am I wanting to create a solution, or am I looking to examine the problem? Am I wanting to take this situation forward to a better place, or am I trying to understand how we got to where we are? Am I asking ambitious questions, or am I asking logical questions?

  1. Take Action:

Be confident to act upon surface-level information and avoid being dragged down into the weeds of the smallest details.

Know when you have enough information to have an outline picture of the situation and look to react and build upon that. If something is not working, that can be enough information to want to make it work. If a client is unhappy that can be enough to make you want to make them happy. If someone is in a difficult place that can be enough information to make you want to change that situation. Doing a deeper and deeper dive is not where you will find the difference that makes the difference.

  1. Take Small Steps:

There can sometimes be the misconception that game-changing is all about big, dramatic, transformative, actions that are a long way away. On the contrary, most game-changing thinking is about how changing some of the smallest steps can lead to a totally different destination. Game-changers value the small steps, and because of this they are able to see those steps quicker and imagine how they then lead to transformative outcomes. Game-changing is about understanding how some of the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

  1. Always Believe:

Game-Changers have a belief that great and amazing things can happen, and so they ask bigger, more ambitious questions of themselves and others. Game-Changers also believe that the answers required will already be there, so they know that they just need to find the right question. Those who don’t believe this, tend to always go looking for different answers to the same questions, and coming up with a different version of the same answer is not ever going to be game-changing. Believe in yourself. Believe in those around you. Believe in technology. Believe that great things can happen. Believe that bigger questions make a bigger difference!

To be a game-changer you will need high levels of self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination, and the great news is that these characteristics and attributes can all be developed in order for you to reach your fullest potential. This is not about taking a self-improvement approach to becoming a game-changer where you focus on your gaps and weakness to then mimic or impersonate someone else you regard as a game-changer, this is about taking more of a self-development approach that builds upon your strengths to make any other areas of development less challenging, and your approaches more authentic and genuine. This is about becoming a game-changer, not just pretending to be one.

CoachPro is a dedicated self-development system designed to provide you with all the structures, processes, questions and measurement data that will support you in becoming a genuine Game-Changer, successful by being the best version of you.

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