Self-Development & Career Development

Career development falls under the same category as self-development as there are many common traits and approaches in ensuring that you results are gained remain genuine and authentic through personal growth. You are still you; your knowledge and experience does not change when at work to when you are at home.

The goals you set in Self-Development could be buying a house or getting into your fitness regime. Allowing yourself to focus on your career and get yourself working hard allows you more of a chance of a promotion to potentially achieve that goal of purchasing a house, ensuring that your Self-Development and Career Development goals interlink with one another.

Career Development consists of having the ability to push yourself and learn. Asking for feedback from your peers and managers. Allowing an ability to listen and learn from your peers enables constructive feedback in the things your good at and your flaws. Striving to be better especially at work makes you more valuable, having those skills that you may not be so good at will allow you to develop.

It is important to focus on you, knowing your potential will accelerate your personal and career growth. Having the initiative to be proactive and rising to a leadership position in your personal or professional life requires you to distinguish your blind spots and aspire to do better in order to continue your performance improvement.  Self-Development ensures that you do not limit yourself and your ability. Knowing what works for you and what you want to achieve will allow you to create more natural personal and career development prospects.

Career development can sometimes feel separate from your self-development however, by considering them together and you are allowing yourself to be in a better position to demonstrate your abilities and capabilities which makes it easier to be appreciated by others. The benefits of Career Development and Self-Development will overlap because helping yourself personally will help your career progression and vice versa.

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