Self-Development for You

Self-development allows you to learn about yourself and what you want from life. When you’ve invested in self-development, you will want to keep going. Self- development in itself will change the way you live your life – you will always be striving to be better. It will allow you to flourish and live in the moment. It will give you the feeling of wellbeing and happiness and will help you to succeed and reach your full potential.

If you feel that self-development is too challenging, try to understand that you’ve already been doing it. Since the day you were born, you’ve been developing and improving your genuine skills and talents. Now is simply the time to make the process more conscious and devote energy toward the things you hope you improve, and CoachPro is there to support you along the journey.

Many people have found it easier to be attracted to self-help or self-improvement as ways of identifying their areas of weakness or performance gaps, but unless they graduate beyond this and into self-development, they will long remain in a place of “knowing what they should be doing” but rarely ever following through.

If you have ever read that great book, attended that great event, or listened to that presenter who was able to point out those areas that you were lacking in, or things that you just didn’t do, but before too long you were already onto the next great book, great event, or helpful guru without having made any real changes, then you know what self-help and self-improvement does. Collecting the lists has limited value unless you take ownership and commit to making something happen. Self-Development is about taking ownership of the future that you want to create.

If you have ever been inspired by the apparent wisdom of others, but never made it your own; if you have ever scrolled through your social media feeds bombarded by what everybody else seemed to be doing and felt inadequate or being left behind; if you have ever watched someone else do something really well and told yourself that you could never do that and felt anguish, anxiety or moments of depression, then you will know the impact of always looking at, or being told to look at, your gaps and perceived areas of weakness and failure. Self-Development is about identifying and building upon your strengths so that you can then work on any gaps with confidence and authenticity.

If you have spent too much time listening to the voices and opinions of others telling you what you should be doing, saying, feeling, thinking and reaching for; what should make you happy or unhappy; what should be good enough, or not, for you; what is best and worst for you; what you should be aiming for, what should be important to you, and what you need to achieve to be happy, then you will know how trapped or lost you can become when you feel like an imposter or fear that you just don’t belong anymore. Self-Development is about building your self-awareness to a level where you develop approaches and skills that enable you to achieve the success you have defined by being you, and this is where genuine happiness sits.

This is not to say that there is no positive value in self-help or self-development, far from it. However, these approaches will only get you to a point of identifying your problems and gaps in comparison to others, and you might pick up some external “secrets of success” tricks and tips from the many “gurus” out there. To ensure that you build your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination required to reach your true potential it requires you to take ownership of your growth and to commit to an ongoing journey of self-development.

If this all sounds like there is a bit of work involved, then it should. Your self-development journey is ongoing and every day can be a discovery of what true success and happiness could be for you, so it is a process that can be enjoyed and hugely rewarding as you realise all that you are capable of by being the best version of you; no pretending, no hiding, no deflecting or avoiding, just you being successful on your terms, by being you. Personal fulfilment.

Self-Development is not something new, it is not a latest fad, or a clever rehash of something less convincing; Self-Development is what has always been behind any success that is genuine, authentic or sincere; people being true to themselves, doing it their way; Companies succeeding by staying true to their values and sense of purpose without selling out.

Self-Development is not something that would be a first for you either; it is an approach that you will have adopted before you achieved any genuine success personally or professionally, the level of success that is totally fulfilling and inspiring, the success that you determined to make happen. Imagine what your life would be like if this is how you lived rather than being isolated incidents? Welcome to self-development.

As a dedicated Self-Development platform, CoachPro gives you all the structure, processes and support for strong personal growth so that you can build your own development pathways. Self-development is no longer something you have to do on your own.

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