The Barriers to Successful Self-Coaching – and Why CoachPro is Your Breakthrough Partner!

Before the introduction of The CoachPro System™ there were always aspects of the Self-Coaching process and experience that made it difficult for many, and impossible for some, to gain all the benefits, empowerment and results of self-coaching, no matter how hard they tried, or for how long they kept at it.

The CoachPro System™ is a Game Changing Partner for your self-development and realisation of your full potential. Technology has finally caught up with the power of Self-Coaching.

Welcome to CoachPro!

CoachPro ensures that you now have the full potential of taking charge of your future at your fingertips by breaking through the 5 barriers to successful self-coaching:


“If I want to self-coach, I want to be a good coach for myself, otherwise I won’t know what to do.”


You do not have to be a trained Coach, or be trained in Coaching, or even have been coached before in order to self-coach when using The CoachPro System™. CoachPro provides you with all the personalised questions, processes, structures, insights, measures and guidance that a Professionally trained and experienced Coach would be able to offer so that you can immediately self-coach successfully. In addition, while self-coaching on the CoachPro System™ you will be simultaneously developing your coaching skills to become a better coach.


“How am I supposed to ask and answer myself questions at the same time?”


You do not have to split into two minds to self-coach when using The CoachPro System™. CoachPro is there to provide you with all the questions, insights, feedback, recommendations, assessments and coaching tips that add so much to the coaching process, so that you can focus on being coached and responding to the benefits, opportunities and the inspired thinking from the coaching experience. You will also develop a greater understanding from a Coach’s perspective the more that you self-coach.


“How will I know what to do in each self-coaching session?”


All the steps and requirements of the coaching process are provided to you by The CoachPro System™ which guides you through proven and recognised steps to ensure that your experiences and benefits from self-coaching are optimal and in the best order. The more you self-coach the more you will develop an understanding of the coaching process and what is required to get the best results.

More consistent and process-driven than any individual Coach could ever be, The CoachPro System™ provides you with the strongest coaching platform on which you can self-coach and apply for optimal impact.


“How am I supposed to know all the questions that a Coach would ask, or how to respond to them?”


The CoachPro System™ provides you with access to thousands of coaching questions that have been developed over more than 20 years of professional coaching. These questions have all be designed and presented in a systematic, responsive system that helps guide you to optimal outcomes, allowing you to interact with the questions, feedback, insights, recommendations, data and reports to gain most value.

Beyond the limitations of any individual Coach, The CoachPro System™ gives you access to an extraordinary breadth and depth of coaching questions, frameworks as your optimal self-coaching partner.


“How will I know if I am making progress?”


Each self-coaching session on CoachPro provides you with a detailed Coach Report in addition to the many self-assessments, 360 degree assessments, Personal Learning Assessments and Profile Assessments that give you practical and actionable insights and inspiration.

You also have 24 specific data points to identify and track your performance and activity across The CoachPro System™ each supported with Professional Coaching tips and recommended steps.

And further, you have hundreds of topic-specific coaching models and video tutorials to develop your understanding and absorption with proven frameworks, tools and methods to drive high performance.

Beyond any engagement with a Coach, The CoachPro System™ delivers measurement, performance data, actionable insight and transformational models and approaches to consistently drive and evidence your growth and progress.

Self-Coaching on CoachPro, you will feel like a Professional Coach

CoachPro: The Self-Coaching Game-Changer

  1. Helps you highlight and identify the most crucial elements of a situation or conversation that can be improved to make the most impact on your performance.
  2. Helps you avoid becoming overwhelmed or confused getting you to focus on the “game-changing” elements.
  3. Provides you with the optimal mix and order of questions to effectively identify and address any issues that can make a big difference.
  4. Allows and supports you to create your own answers and solutions to become a “game-changer”.
  5. Works with you to construct a plan and path, with additional recommendations to ensure that you can achieve your desired outcomes.
  6. Celebrates your success be measuring and showing your performance results and improvements.

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