What is Career Self-Development?

Self-development is a continuous growth of how to better yourself in all aspects of your life. Engaging with your inner self and learning who you are as a person and your direction will certainly carry over to your career path.

Focusing and knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, can often go unnoticed. Is it just easier to get by and not face your strengths and weaknesses, or does life pass you by as you just adapt? Having the ability to focus and confront those head-on allows you to grow and develop.

Much of what is offered as careers advice can tend to focus on what you may be missing, or lacking, or where you may be judged as falling short in terms of skills, experience, education, age, qualification, history, knowledge or expertise. This career-help or career-improvement approach can have value in terms of being able to highlight key areas or aspects that you may want to consider working on, however an over-focus on these gaps can also undermine your career confidence or assessment of your self-worth and value.

A Self-Development approach to your career is more optimal in terms of finding and creating opportunities that can play more to your strengths, passions, experience and genuine interests so that a more genuine, sincere and consistently rewarding career can be built.  There may always be career advice that is built upon what other people may believe is best suited for you, or what they feel should make you happy, or what they think you would be great at, however true career success is about doing what you do best and achieving great results by being you.

Everyone has gaps, or areas that are less developed than others, however a Self-Development approach to you career will firstly focus on what you are already really good at, what you are already interested in and keen to learn more about, and what truly plays to your strengths, character, sense of purpose and your identity. By building greater levels of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management you can then consider those areas of weakness or development opportunities with authenticity, sincerity and conviction.

The best career opportunities happen for those who are self-aware enough of who they are and where they want to be; for those who have an inner confidence and trust that they can face the challenges ahead and commit; for those who bring the consistency and decisiveness that comes from greater management of your emotions, skills and performance. The best career opportunities happen for those who commit to their personal growth and who want to self-determine their future prospects. The best career opportunities happen for those who understand self-development.

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