4 Ways to Develop the “Overwhelmed” on CoachPro

Meet the “Overwhelmed”

  • 72% of people working outside usual working hours.
  • 7 Minutes average focus time before getting distracted
  • 150 Average Mobile device checks per day
  • 40% of people working more than 50 hours per week
  • 80% of people wanting a healthier work/life balance
  • 65% of businesses recognise that people are overwhelmed
    • Bersin Research by Deloitte

4 Ways to Develop the “Overwhelmed” on CoachPro

1) Space out the learning

According to research conducted at the Oxford University, learners tend to retain knowledge better when they take regular breaks between studying. Spacing out learning sessions gives breathing space to the brain and helps to cement the new learning.

CoachPro has designed spaced-learning programs for your employees to optimise their learning:

  • At CoachPro we chunk the content to create micro-modules of learning that you can work with in short bursts.
  • At CoachPro you get to create your own schedule where you can alternate self-coaching sessions, assessments and models with gaps during which you can go back to your job and practice what they have learned.
  • At CoachPro we ensure that you get to repeat and review your learning—a particular concept or skill—after a few days, weeks, or months. The number of repetitions you choose might depend upon the complexity of the content or the ongoing development of understanding.
  • At CoachPro you can adjust the intervals between your self-development sessions depending upon the nature of the content and the time you should ideally receive to apply and practice your newlylearned skills.

2) Make content easy to search for and locate

According to the findings of a Deloitte study conducted on employees at 3,300 multinational corporations in 106 countries, 72 percent of workers reported wasting frustrating amounts of time trying to locate relevant information on the internet or their company’s database. This makes learning burdensome and demotivates many employees.

Providing a database of training courses or content providers can often turn into a maze where they waste time trying to find their way. The CoachPro System™ makes content easy to search for and locate.

Here’s how CoachPro does that:

  • CoachPro makes information searchable by providing different search options, from basic keyword-based searches to more advanced queries based on multiple parameters, filters and situational description.
  • CoachPro makes it easy to identify and locate learning content in response to a wide range of self-assessment and Coach Report data with recommended links.
  • CoachPro offers multiple pathways, direction and instruction, so all you always know how to navigate the systems and find the information that you are looking for.
  • CoachPro provides you with an intuitive and responsive knowledge system that records your learning needs, activity and preferences to filter and recommend learning modules to you. This creates a personalized self-learning experience to build your unique development pathway.

3) Self-directed learning rocks

When you Self-Develop, you are determined to be in control of what is going on in your life, and that includes how you learn. You will look forward to the learning experience and engage more enthusiastically when you feel in control during the journey.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed you will crave some breathing space. You may at times feel that with so many responsibilities that you can’t concentrate on your development. On average, most people today work for more hours than before and yet still feel that they are still not doing enough. You might often feel that you are being pulled in all directions and stretched thin.

The last thing you would want to do is perceive your self-development as a chore.

CoachPro puts you back in the driver’s seat and gives you that refreshing, empowering feeling of being in control.

Here’s how we do it at CoachPro:

  • CoachPro does not chain your development to the desk.Instead, CoachPro gives you the option to learn when and where you want to with content that you can access on any device.
  • CoachPro lets you choosethe sessions, assessments, models and programmes that you want to take depending on your job requirements, personal interest or knowledge gap. You can even self-select or skip modules to learn at your own pace.
  • CoachPro allows you to create a flexible development schedulewhere you don’t feel pressurized to complete certain content within a specific period, or once only.

According to a research study by Regus, 72 percent of global companies reported increased productivity amongst employees, reduced absenteeism and increased worker morale and loyalty when they adopted flexible development and learning practices.

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