CoachPro & The 7 New Rules of Workplace Learning

Rule #1: Fast, quick, convenient content

This is the age of information. Knowledge doubles after every 12 hours. So, it is likely that at any point in time, some knowledge is uncovered that you don’t know yet.  Through Self-Development on CoachPro we are there to help you be on top of what’s happening in your chosen areas of development at all times with continual releases of new, integrated content. It is imperative to fuel the learners’ need for learning rapidly and regularly with content that allows your people to continue building their own development pathways.

  • CoachPro designs, creates and curates integrated contentto make learning relevant and more systematic.
  • CoachPro makes knowledge and learning easily accessible to ensure that learners have the freedom to define their “place and pace” of the learning.
  • CoachPro empowers learners to carve their own Development Pathways by creating and designing a technological framework that lets learners explore, find, and “pull” the solutions towards them that work best for them.
  • CoachPro has been able to Deconstruct and Modularize to get beyond the linear way of imparting content. Learners are now looking for just-in-time solutions, so CoachPro offers high-impact, bite-sized modules frequently, to fit into their schedule and routine more easily.

Rule #2: Netflix

At CoachPro we understand that we are now in an age where learning is determined by the learner, and that the platform and the content provided has to earn the approval and endorsement of the learner. At CoachPro we appreciate how critical it is for the learner to have a personalised, co-creative, easy to use and access Self-Development platform that evolves with them to create unique and responsive learning pathways that recognise and encourage achievement.

At CoachPro we respect that learners are increasingly digitally savvy and have grown up, or have grown older, with the Internet, so they are accustomed to having choices and rely on the opinions and recommendations from others to make choices. On The CoachPro System™ we meet these needs by providing information, personalized recommendations, user ratings, and reviews. We make information easily accessible so that learners can make empowered decisions. Using instructional design, CoachPro always strives to make content readily accessible, searchable, relevant and personalised.

CoachPro has a strategy for optimising the delivery of Self-Development Learning:

  • CoachPro offers Choice and flexibility; Self-Development learners don’t always want to be told what to learn and how to go about it. They want choices and crave flexibility.Empowered Self-Development learners prefer to choose what they want to learn, when, and how. CoachPro provides the autonomy to determine and design the learning journey.
  • CoachPro creates an environment where learning can happen organically.The ability to share, rate and review content, assessments and reports on The CoachPro System™ increases interest, engagement and collaborative learning. These shared experiences and realisations increase the value, trust and relationships across your Teams and Company.


Rule #3: Step Outside the confines of Work Time

Those who Self-Develop on CoachPro are likely to want to have the freedom to learn whenever they want to, which may not be just during their working hours. They may not want to be yanked from their desk to attend a training program or be made to go through a course when they need to do something else. Self-Development Learners will want learning content to be delivered to them when they need it, in the format they want it, to focus on the areas they have decided upon.

CoachPro understands the new rule of workplace learning is to provide on-demand learning. The key to learner engagement is to make learners feel empowered by letting them access learning whenever, wherever.

CoachPro helps you implement this strategy successfully:

  • CoachPro embraces mobile learning. Self-Development Learners will want instant information, on the go.
  • CoachPro consistent on multiple devices 24/7.This is important not only to offer, but to track and analyse to help determine the type of content to suggest and the delivery technologies to recommend. As your Self-Development Learners may want to access content and activities at different times, from different locations and from a variety of devices, we ensure that CoachPro delivers a consistent level of experience whenever, wherever and whatever mobile device or desktop they prefer.
  • CoachPro offers modular training so that your Self-Development Learners can choose the specific piece of content they may want to go through or work with depending on what they want to learn or revise and how much time they have to do so.
  • CoachPro provides immediate access to relevant content so that your Self-Development Learners can immediately access their desired content on the go, without having to go through layers of introductory information each time. As a comprehensive Self-Development System, all content on CoachPro is integrated and systemised to build a unique and responsive pathway of “always relevant” practical content.
  • CoachPro makes all content searchable so that your Self-Development Learners can quickly and easily identify and access the range of content that relates to their chosen topic, situation, skill, behaviour or goal.

Rule #4: Learners are Consumers

Self-Development Learners are going to consume the content that they have selected from their own search and choice from what is on offer, and from clearly directed or suggested options to consider. At all times, CoachPro designs, creates, curates and integrates into The CoachPro System™ content that for the Self-Development Learner is:

  • Meaningful
  • Engaging
  • Timely
  • Mobile, or that which can be delivered on-the-go

CoachPro continually prioritises and adds new content onto our Self-Development Platform based upon the activity, use and recommendations from all Individuals, Teams & Companies we work with. In addition to just listing the content in isolation, each piece is integrated into the wider CoachPro System™ with recommended links and categories based upon learner activity.

As learners are now consumers, we continually communicate, update and recommend content to ensure that their attention to Self-Development remains strong and current.

How CoachPro works with Self-Development Learners:

  • Self-Assessments on CoachPro helps learners determine their exact needs and learning preferences.
  • Personal Assessments, Profiles, Self-coaching Sessions, Learner Generated Content and continual Performance Measurement all help stir emotions to forge a deeper connection with learners.
  • CoachPro continues to map individual and team learning journeys to provide insightful and practical data on areas of focus, activity, opportunity and results, always connecting with, and redefining the desired destination.
  • Extensive Performance and Activity Data on CoachPro helps Individuals, Teams & Companies accurately evaluate the progress and results achieved. The CoachPro System™ enables you to track performance, engagement and learning satisfaction, all with tips and recommendations, to determine where success is happening and where any improvements can be made.
  • CoachPro is committed to a strategy of continual innovation to ensure that we reflect the ethos of Self-Development, ownership and personal growth adopted by our learners.

Rule #5: “Workwide Learning”

CoachPro appreciates that Learning now has to be a continuous and consistent process for it to keep up and evolve in a way that remains relevant to the changing world. As a Self-Development platform, CoachPro provides the responsive technology to support the ongoing journey to reaching your fullest potential through personal growth, self-determination and ownership. Learning at work through Self-Development learners then aligns to the principle of “Workwide Learning” where workers learn for, learn at, and learn from their work.

CoachPro supports the principle of “Workwide Learning”:

  • CoachPro helps Self-Development Learners to identify their specific needs and aims personally and professionally.
  • CoachPro helps Self-Development learners to identify the specific content they need to acquire the knowledge, behaviours and skills to enhance their performance and results.
  • CoachPro enables the Individuals, Teams or Company to easily determine and communicate the instances or the context behind why learners will benefit from specified content.
  • CoachPro supports “just-in-time learning” by designing a responsive system to ensure the right content is delivered to the Self-Development Learner just when they need it and are searching for it.

Rule #6: Learner-Centric & Design-Thinking

CoachPro delivers a design-thinking approach that keeps Self-Development Learners at the heart of the learning environment.
The user experience on CoachPro is designed keeping in mind solely the development needs of the learners. The self-coaching sessions, assessments, models and programmes are highly intuitive, responsive and experiential; as a result, the learners engage more with the process. The emphasis on CoachPro is always on creating engaging content and processes that make for greater learner attraction, information retention, performance development and ultimately reward.

An award-winning System, CoachPro continues to leverage new and emerging technologies to be more collaborative, social, shareable, engaging, and readily accessible. The learner-centric design-thinking approach facilitates the creation of a high-impact, sustainable learning culture.

Rule #7: Self-Development: The Power of Ownership

CoachPro understands that the traditional relationship between learning and the learner has evolved, and that the ownership and accountability for personal growth and development has to now sit with the learner if they are to ever reach their true potential.

While development events or opportunities would have been something that was given to employees in the past, where they would attend, participate and then tick the box or suggest what could have been better, and in part take on some practice, we are now in a world where the ownership and accountability of development is with the learner.

Self-Development Learners have the power to shape their journey and to determine the outcomes they want to reach and they do not require micro-management as they turn up looking to get and create value from the learning opportunities with which they engage. Self-Developing Learners want to own and determine their future, not leave it to chance or the judgement of others. CoachPro is the ideal platform for those who want to develop the skills, thoughts, habits and mindset of high-performance to reach their fullest potential.

However, self-development has never been easy and it takes commitment, but it does produce outstanding people who deliver outstanding results when it is fully supported.

CoachPro is a Self-Development Breakthrough:

  • CoachPro for Self-Awareness & Discovery.
  • CoachPro offers Regular Check-ins and reflection sessions ensure that your level of self-awareness is increased and maintained at a high level in order that you can identify what matters most to you in terms of values and desired impact
  • CoachPro for Self-Assessment.
  • Dynamic and responsive questionnaires on CoachPro help you identify key areas of strength and aspects that can be improved so that your development journey and progress are based upon measurement and data.
  • CoachPro for Goal-Setting.
  • The unique CoachPro Goal-Setting System™ enhances your understanding of, and ability to, set genuine goals that bring clearer direction, increased motivation, stronger resilience and resolute focus.
  • CoachPro for Self-Coaching Skills.
  • On CoachPro you have the support of proven coaching frameworks and processes to ensure that you get to ask the right questions at the right time, in the right order to achieve optimal results.  CoachPro is your self-coaching partner where you benefit from the coaching process whilst also developing your self-coaching skills.
  • CoachPro for Development Plans & Growth.
  • The CoachPro System™ is a comprehensive and fully integrated self-development platform that uses responsive technology to help you build your roadmap to success and achievement.  More than just a standard set of steps for everyone, you will be guided and recommended to create a development journey that reflects your aims and preferences.
  • CoachPro for Performance Measurement & Results.
  • It is so important to know where you are and how well you are doing while you are on the journey so that you can celebrate success and identify or discover aspects of opportunity.  The CoachPro System™ gives you a range of real-time performance and activity measures so that you know exactly where you stand on any aspect of your self-development journey to reach your fullest potential.

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