CoachPro vs The Forgetting Curve

Research on the forgetting curve shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50% of the information presented. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70% of new information, and within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90% of it. Some people remember more or less, but in general, the situation is worth considering what would be more optimal.

The brain is designed to retain information that is considered to be most important and useful, otherwise it is either stored away until it becomes important or useful, or it is deleted to maintain space and capacity for the constant and ever-increasing flow of information and data we receive. This is a necessary and healthy brain function to ensure that we do not become overloaded or overwhelmed psychologically, emotionally or physically with far too much data.

We automatically delete information when we see no value or purpose in it. We store information when we believe that there may be a situation or occasion where that data becomes valuable or be applicable. The information that we absorb and retain is the data that we place immediate value in or have a current application for.

What we delete, we are likely to lose and forget that we had that information already.

“I totally forgot about that”

What we store can be retrieved only when we have a situation where that information now becomes valuable and applicable.

“I remember something about that”

What we absorb and retain is immediately made our own when we apply that information to a practical situation.

“I know what to do with that”

CoachPro Remembers

The CoachPro System™ has been designed to automatically capture, categorise, order and link all your learning and performance data to ensure that you get to remember all the information you have gained and created, and have full and easy access to all you know as soon as you need it.

The CoachPro System™ takes you beyond having just short-hand notes, mislaid files of courses, towers of “might be useful in the future” drawings, or lost moments of inspiration on a random post-it somewhere.  The CoachPro System™ also takes away the need for you to continually refresh again to re-gather the information you already had in the hope that this time it sticks!

CoachPro is a Self-Development System that captures, collates and connects all your information and learning so that you can access all you need whenever you need it.

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