Employee Self-Development

Employees have a unique insight into the requirements of their own role — and when they direct their own development, with support from line managers, those needs are more likely to be addressed.

That’s why an increasing number of Organisations are encouraging self-development. 29% of companies planned to increase self-directed learning in the next 12 months. And more than half reserved over 10% of their training budgets for self-development. – CIPD

Self-Development is recognised as the optimal approach to employee development from a HR perspective in that it empowers people to take more ownership of their personal growth, performance improvement and achievement of results in a way that also frees up time, space and resources for HR to be more strategic, more influential and more available to lead, direct and shape the future models required for continued success.

For the individual, Self-Development also presents the best opportunity for genuine and authentic success that always builds upon their strengths to support the realisation of their fullest potential.  This approach enables an increase in self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management in addition to the new skills, mindset and approaches that will be required to make the most of the situations and challenges that will be faced.

Self-Development takes a Company and its employees beyond the limited benefits of self-help and self-improvement to achieve success and growth that is more sustainable and applicable to the challenges that will be presented and discovered. Although there are benefits and gains from an approach of self-help or self-improvement, these are both focused on the gaps and weaknesses of an individual which at best will result in the gathering of learned information, and at worst, cause feelings of inadequacy, failure, unworthiness and low self-worth. This is not how HR will successfully respond to the demand for reskilling and upskilling their people.

The other aspect of self-improvement or self-help which hinders the value and effectiveness of learning is that the solutions are always presented as being external to the employee and only held in the realms of so-called experts, which at best results in an “imposter” syndrome situation, or at worst, demoralised self-esteem. With such a focus on the responsibility of HR to support further the positive wellbeing and mental health of employees, especially when they are working remotely and in isolation with their own thoughts and emotions to deal with, the risks of pointing at people’s perceived gaps can prove to be significant and difficult to retrieve.

For these reasons, and others, it has become clear that any Company and every HR Team is going to be best served by developing a culture of Self-Development to increase the self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management of their employees to best deal with the challenges, changes and adjustments that the transition of “flexible” working, and the need to perform, will present.

But, why has Self-Development and Self-Directed Learning not always been at the forefront of employee development? After all, it is not a new concept, and there have always been those individuals who have just naturally taken a self-development approach to their learning, even to the topics of self-improvement and self-help. The realisation for most people that we speak to within HR is that we have always known that some employees who make the most of the learning opportunities they are given, while the results and outcomes for others can range from not much to nothing tangible at all.

The clear differences between Self-Development and Self-Improvement are the aspects of Personal Ownership, Personal Growth and Self-Determination. Going forward, it is not going to enough to wait and see which employees adopt more of a self-development approach, and which employees don’t, there will need to be a more strategic approach from HR to provide all employees with an experience and the support to encourage and develop a consistent approach of making the most out of every learning opportunity with confidence and conviction.

In the past, this was always difficult for HR as there would never be enough hours, resources or capacity to provide the structures, processes and measurements necessary to ensure that a self-development approach was established and developed. And this is where CoachPro now delivers an HR solution which gives every employee the experience, the support, the performance data, the feedback and guidance, and the always accessible platform on which they can become the best version of themselves; developing authentic, sincere, consistent and genuine approaches, skills and a winning mindset to realise their fullest potential.

For every important moment that an employee needs to reskill, upskill, discover new approaches, or to find the confidence and conviction to communicate, influence or deliver to their highest standards, there is CoachPro.

For every HR Team that needs their employees to adapt, respond and achieve high-performing results whilst their roles, expectations and challenges evolve, there is CoachPro.

For every HR Professional who is over-stretched and struggling to get to the more strategic aspects of their own role because they are so involved in responding to, and managing, the development needs that their employees are facing, there is CoachPro.

For the structures, processes, content, measurement and performance data required to establish and develop an optimal culture of self-development where increased self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management drives optimal results, there is CoachPro.

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