How CoachPro Can Improve Your Workplace

People perform better when they have agency and choice, and when they see the value of the tasks they are performing. Having access to The CoachPro System™ helps employees feel valued and autonomous, but still accomplish the goals of the Company.

Self-Development on CoachPro enables employees to have a hand in their own education, and a  Company who can offer valuable trust to their workers in regard to their development will be repaid in innovation, loyalty and productivity. Creating a culture of self-development in your own Company, involves the understanding of some clear principles:

What Is Self-Development?

In self-development, the individual is supported by The CoachPro System™ to take the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs. With a range of self-assessments and self-coaching sessions using “live” data, Individuals can select, manage, and assess their own learning needs and activities, which can be pursued at any time, in any place, through any means, at any age … For the individual, Self-Development on CoachPro involves initiating and selecting personal challenge activities and goals, and then developing the personal qualities to pursue them successfully. Using responsive technology to generate recommended links, the Individual gets to build their own unique development pathway.

Self-development on CoachPro is a process of learning and personal growth that the individual gets to direct with the support of an award-winning self-development system. They get to choose what to learn, how to learn it, and most importantly why to learn it. Through self-coaching sessions and assessments, they also get to choose the outcome they desire and then work toward it independently in the way they see fit under the guidance and support of The CoachPro System™. This can be a personal improvement, a project, a Company goal or a combination; the choice is theirs.

Self-Development Engages People

Self-Development on CoachPro, gives employees a personal stake in how well they perform and contribute in their workplace. The ability to choose their own goals and work toward them is a powerful motivator and demonstrates both trust and accountability. People are motivated to invest in their hobbies because they have interest and are a task of their own choosing that builds confidence. Self-development on CoachPro accomplishes the same engagement-generating ends.

Engagement Drives Success

When employees are given time to pursue their own projects and interests, the chances that they will come up with something that measurably improves the Company as a whole increase. When employees have time to learn what they want to learn, to improve their performance in ways they see fit, and contribute to the workplace according to their own ideas, they are happier and more fulfilled. According to the Harvard Business Review, 71% of respondents rank employee engagement as “very important to achieving overall organisational success.” Self-Development on CoachPro helps drive greater employee engagement.

Self-Development as a Culture

Self-Development does not need to be a culture that takes years to instill, even if it is something you have not encouraged before. By providing access to The CoachPro System™ and suggesting areas of self-development to get started on, you are already emphasising the need, desire and value that your Company holds in those can take ownership of their performance and personal growth. Introducing a variety of resources on CoachPro that they can get started on will encourage initial engagement, and with the support of the responsive technology on CoachPro, they can start to build their own development pathway.

Employee Contribution

Engaging with Self-Development on CoachPro means that employees will have more of a stake in their own learning, performance improvement and career progression. This means they can choose what they learn from a specified set of resources, or how they learn from a built-in structure of “free time” or in areas of interest, need or formal requirement.

This opens up the potential for greater skills, behavioural and personal growth as the self-development choices are not limited to the selections that have been made for them. One of the main ways self-development on CoachPro improves the workplace is by giving people a stake in outcomes through the automated email system to help you take the pulse and gather the opinions of your employees and teams. With this employee feedback and the ongoing activity data, you can adapt your focus and communication accordingly.

It is clear that when employees feel valued and interested, they will perform better. Self-development on CoachPro delivers those outcomes, especially when you incorporate these principles in your Company. Integrating The CoachPro System™ into your workplace culture and structure, will deliver meaningful change that can measurably impact engagement, performance and overall Company success.

CoachPro provides has 7 ways for your employees to become continuous learners:  

  1. Creating Stretch Opportunities: 

Self-Development on CoachPro supports you taking on projects outside your usual remit as a great way to develop new competencies. Working on specific areas of strength and desired improvement while developing your ability to Self-Coach will hone important behavioural, mental and problem-solving skills.

The CoachPro System™ helps you be more proactive and more able identify areas where your company could benefit from focused attention and what you could do to contribute and clearly demonstrate your value.

  1. Staying plugged in: 

CoachPro provides you with access to designed, curated and integrated content in the form of self-coaching sessions, assessments, models, programmes and podcasts giving you a powerful blend of exclusive and internationally renowned resources at your fingertips 24/7 on all devices. All content on CoachPro is woven into a comprehensive and responsive Self-Development System so that you can continue to build your unique development pathway.

According to Hays’s survey, 52% of professionals upskill by reading articles or professional literature, and 33% listen to relevant online content.

A further 25% view content online shared by connections, while 23% read books and seek coaching and mentorships. 16% have joined a LinkedIn Group relevant to their sector.

Now is the time to take ownership and shape your own development journey.

  1. Industry Professionals: 

Working with Industry Professionals on your Self-Development can tick a lot of the boxes for skills and career building. CoachPro has been designed and built by recognised Industry Professionals to provide you with continuous learning opportunities as well as practical insights and frameworks that are widely recognised and endorsed around the world.

  1. Relevant Content: 

CoachPro provides you with a wide range of Self-Development & Self-Coaching sessions, assessments, models, podcasts and comprehensive programmes that can be easily searched for and identified to ensure relevance and value. Responsive technology on the CoachPro System™ then supports you to continue on a relevant and purposeful development journey.

  1. Learn at work: 

CoachPro offers self-learning modules that reflect the skills a workforce must develop, individually and collectively. Deligiannis points out that peer-to-peer learning is a hot trend too. “Ask a colleague to teach you a skill you want to acquire or set up a study group with colleagues. Peer-group learning sessions allow employees to learn from each other and explore relevant issues together, which can boost the learning process,” he said.

  1. Career Assessment: 

Career assessments on CoachPro can help you develop a plan for a fulfilling and rewarding career and focus your upskilling effort. Career awareness and mapping also makes it easier to pivot when necessary to align with changing trends in your industry.

  1. Employer Supported: 

If you want to optimise the benefits of self-development and self-directed learning on CoachPro for your Company you must be able to explain how the learning will benefit the team or company as well as the Individual. Encourage the bringing in of new skills to your organisation and upskilling opportunities should be central to your positioning of giving access to CoachPro.

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