Learning Captured

With hundreds of reports, sessions and assessments automatically created for you based upon all your activity and performance on The CoachPro System™ so that your learning, progress and insights are all captured for you.

This allows you to protect and retain the value from your learning.

Otherwise, based upon research by Gartner:

  • 70% of information learned is lost within 1 week.
  • 87% of information learned is lost within 1 month.

Benefits of Self-Coaching on CoachPro

  • You develop a deep understanding of your needs and identify approaches and expertise in these areas.
  • You ask yourself better questions for improved thinking and higher-performance actions and results.
  • You get immediate feedback and insight into your performance strengths and areas for improvement.
  • You learn to focus more on the impact rather than the frequency of your self-coaching sessions.
  • You benefit from high-quality, proven coaching processes and structures to understand your aspirations and the skills needed to develop.
  • You continue to track, monitor and measure your progress to identify further growth opportunities.

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