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Self-Coaching for Customer Loyalty

Every High-Performance Business, Team or Individual Appreciates What Drives Customer Loyalty and How Important That is To Achieve Profitable Growth & Sustained Success.

There are 4 Key Elements Involved in Driving Customer Loyalty:

Self-Coaching on CoachPro can play a huge part in driving your Customers’ decision to be both satisfied and loyal as it helps develop and understanding, appreciation and practical application of successful thinking and approaches in the largest element of influence, the Purchase Experience.

These 4 Key Elements Have Different Levels of Impact on Customer Loyalty:

Company & Brand Impact = 19%

Product & Sales Delivery = 19%

Value to Price Ratio = 9%

Purchase Experience = 53%

Self-Coaching on CoachPro allows a Team or an Individual to focus on developing the attributes, approaches and skills that are required to deliver an optimal Purchase Experience that drives greater Customer Loyalty. Those key components behind an optimal Purchase Experience are;





Clear Benefits

Ongoing Relationship

Self-Coaching increases the level of self-awareness, confidence, creativity, commitment and insight required to support their development in this key area of performance.


 Self-Coaching to Inspire Productivity

Employees who self-coach operate in the moment, rather than in the rear-view mirror.

Employees who self-coach learn faster and that usually means they achieve results that get noticed.

Employees who self-coach want to take charge of their personal development and performance improvement.

Employees who self-coach will find or create different ways of operating which will be recognised by fellow employees.

Employees who self-coach produce wonderful results (2% of working week on personal development = 5.5% performance improvement) and this gets noticed, with other employees wanting to know how they do it.

Employees who self-coach are better equipped to advise and coach other employees.

Employees who self-coach are more able to connect with others, and this togetherness has a significant impact, not just on performance but in productivity, collaboration and takes the demand away from Leaders too.

Self-Coaching for Greater Customer Focus

Empathy is an important skill for any Employee and self-coaching on CoachPro is an excellent opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of others.

Employees who self-coach become an audience member of their own performance and are able to tune into others’ engagement and watch how they respond.

Self-Coaching provides the Employee with the chance to understand what the voice and observations of others is, and how to adapt their messaging and build empathy.


Self-Coaching for Greater Independence & Accountability

We have more conversations with ourselves than we do with anyone else. We spend more time with our own thoughts than anyone else’s.

Employees who take more responsibility for their inner voice, who use it to guide themselves pick themselves up and focus on what is important and are far more likely to show high levels of independence.

These Employees might still look to their Manager, close friends or parents for guidance, but they are now their own “Head Coach”.

Self-Coaching for Leadership Development

Self-Coaching on CoachPro is the practice of leading yourself to success through unlocking awareness of your own performance and potential.

It is a powerful way of understanding where you are excelling and where you need to direct your energy to improve.

Employees who practice self-coaching can be trusted to improve their own performance as they will regularly listen, observe and learn from their own activity, and from the activity of those around them.

Employees who embrace self-coaching will reap the benefits as much as Leaders and Managers will from having “self-coachers” in their team.

Self-Coaching for Outstanding Results

Self-Coaching on CoachPro is a powerful indicator of how much your Employees want to learn, and how often they will put serious effort into improving their results.

Employees who self-coach take responsibility for their own development.

Employees who self-coach then empower their Leaders and Managers to guide and coach them rather than have to micro-manage, making the best use of their time and resources.

Self-Coaching for Powerful Feedback

Employees who self-coach on CoachPro are already tuned into listening to feedback from themselves and contributors. As they are already in the habit of using their inner voice, and the insights from others to encourage, critique, and support their development, they appreciate the value of feedback.

Employees who are well-practiced at listening to themselves through self-coaching are naturally less defensive and more open to the feedback and guidance of those around them.

Self-Coaching for Resilience

Employees who self-coach on CoachPro are more likely to have a growth mindset, meaning they are more focused on continuous improvement.

These Employees are more used to separating the emotions tied to results with performance. This gives them the ability to remain calm and offer a clear perspective when things aren’t going to plan.

Employees who focus on growth recognise the progress they are making every day; their worth is not solely dependent on any one outcome.

Self-Coaching for Self-Awareness

The very nature of self-coaching requires the belief that you are always a “work in progress”. Such as way of thinking fuels a passion to learn and develop.

Employees who self-coach on CoachPro develop some humility in their character, they are willing to admit when they are wrong, and view failures and mistakes as opportunities to learn rather than as setbacks.

No matter their level of success and recognition, that degree of humility makes them a more likeable member of the team, and often one from whom others can learn.

Self-Coaching for Results

Self-Coaching on The CoachPro Ssystem™ helps you get beyond obstacles to redefine your goals, and to create a plan for getting “unstuck”, ideal when you are facing a transition.

If you want to closely manage the finances, the amount of time involved, or really need to see immediate results, the Self-Coaching is for you!

Self-Coaching is about taking control of your own actions through targeted, conscious thought and planning to get the results you want.


Self-Coaching for Mental Health

Self-Coaching reduces all conflict, anxiety, depression, panic and relationship struggles down to two words, “insecurity” and “control”

By understanding that because of our habits of insecurity, we have gravitated toward a life of control (worry, rumination, compulsion, fear etc) we are able to understand exactly what needs to be done to eliminate psychological friction from our life.

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