Self-Development is the Foundation Block of Achievement & Success

Once a person has mastered the art of self-development then any additional skills training that you give them, to enable them to do a task, operate machinery, manage others or to physically intervene to control another human being, is an investment well made.

But add that training to a person who hasn’t been developed from the inside out and it is a poor investment with little or no return on investment. And that creates more work.

The ‘Undeveloped Person’

The undeveloped person has to be micromanaged because it is believed that they can’t be ‘trusted’. The undeveloped person generally works in an atmosphere or fear. Fear of ‘big brother’ watching their every move, fear of embarrassment, ridicule and discipline and none of this is productive. The reason is people who are expected to work in such conditions will be less effective and efficient.

What Does Being Effective and Efficient Mean?

To be ‘effective’ means to be able to successfully in producing a desired or intended result.

To be ‘efficient’ means to be able to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

So, if we fail to develop the person from within, we end up producing someone who is less effective and less efficient than they could potentially be. Financially that loses industry money which ultimately affects our economy. Personally and professionally that costs the individual in terms of how much they feel valued and the less they feel valued the less productive they will become.

In contrast, the self-developed person is a confident person. They are motivated and work well unsupervised. They are more effective because they don’t live in fear.

CoachPro is a dedicated Self-Development platform that enables learners to take more ownership of their personal growth as well as their skills enhancements.


Not Just Positive Thinking

Self-development is more than positive thinking. Self-development is about integrity, which is one of the most important values a person can have.

A person with integrity can also be trusted because they are honest and trustworthy.

In the business world where marketing and sales are important honesty and trust are vital and if you don’t think that you are in sales, think again.

If you are in a job you have had to sell yourself to get that job. If you are a minister of a church you have to sell the benefits of your faith otherwise church attendance will fall. If you run a charity shop you have to sell to support your charity and finally, if you find someone you want to have a relationship with you have to sell yourself as a person worth being with.

You see, if people ‘like’ you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you.

Positive Thinking is Important

Positive thinking is definitely better than negative thinking. Positive thinking will put you in the right state of mind to allow you to take action. For example a student who thinks positive is more likely to do the study necessary to get the grades and qualifications they need.

An employee who uses positive thinking is likely to be more effective and efficient and therefore more productive and more likely to get promoted or find a better paid job, especially when compared to an employee who is negative.

Positive thinking will help you develop yourself from within. It will enable you to take the action necessary to help you become the better version of the person you were truly made to be.

The Importance of Integrity

Integrity is hugely important, but how do you develop integrity? You develop integrity by self- development. You develop integrity by increasing your self-esteem and self-worth. You develop integrity by encouraging yourself and others and by showing them and you what you are truly capable of.

This is why self-development is important to understand and how much your mind affects your body and how your thoughts affect your performance, and how the words you use and the story you tell yourself affects your output, how the information you choose to take in affects your outlook, which in turn affects your output which decides how effective you can then be.

You are then a more developed person to teach the skills to which makes you a better trainer and person.

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