Self-Development & Training

We can all agree that training is important to ensure that you become competent in what you are expected to do.

Training can also be a legal requirement under Health & Safety Legislation in some situations and because employers have a duty of care towards their staff and others, your training can play an important role in keeping you and everyone safe.

So, if simply giving someone the appropriate training course was all that was needed, why do trained people not use the training that they have been given? Why do trained people not produce the results expected of them by their employers and why when things go wrong we then hear the old mantra “they didn’t follow their training” which means it was ultimately the member of staff’s fault and not the training per se.

Also, if training was all it took to make people more successful why doesn’t it work if all they had to do was follow what they had been taught?

If you don’t develop the person first, skills training will have little effect. You have to start from the inside out. You have to develop yourself or the person you intend to train first. That means teaching them about self-development. How they can develop themselves to become better versions of themselves.

CoachPro provides you with a dedicated self-development platform that drives strong personal growth, accountability and ownership. This then ensures that learners look to create the most value of their learning and its application rather than just attending or gathering new things.

As Jim Rohn famously said: 

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

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