The 4 Disruptors in Workplace Learning

The CoachPro System™ has been designed to help you embrace and adapt to a changing landscape in response to the big disruptors in Workplace Learning. 

  • The rise of the Millennial Learner:The Millennial learner has been instrumental in bringing about a sea change in the workplace learning environment. There is now the clear demand that they can direct their learning journey, so CoachPro was compelled to design courses that allow learners the freedom they seek.
  • Improved Technology:The advent of improved technology enabled CoachPro to re-think and create programs that engage learners, facilitate the learning process, and effect a seamless transition of knowledge through Self-Development from the desk to the job. Responsive technology has enabled CoachPro to be more adaptive and creative in order to impact the performance of Individuals and teams, and the bottom-line of the Company.
  • Shifting Priorities:The emergence of diverse, complex technologies like mobile, social, and cloud tools has prompted a shift in priorities at the management level of organisations, to which CoachPro needed to respond. The emphasis has extended beyond developing learning strategies to exploring new and emerging technologies and delivery platforms. The responsive and integrated approach of The CoachPro System™ ensures that the full value and impact of Self-Development can be realised.
  • Elevation of L&D: Today, the learning function is regarded more as a strategic business development area that facilitates leadership development and innovation by creating a culture of lifelong learning and collaboration. It is a practice that is expected to drive business growth. CoachPro, with extensive reporting, analytics and performance data, provides the level of development information and insight to ensure that strategic benefits can be measured, improved and directed.

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