The 8 Key Components of Successful Self-Coaching

The CoachPro System™ response to the ICF Criteria

(International Coaching Federation)

  1. Clear Agreements:

CoachPro gets you to set out clear aims and provides you with a clear process for you to follow. You will set out what you want to achieve and create your ways in which success can be achieved.

  1. Clear Roles & Responsibilities:

CoachPro makes clear, and reinforces your role and responsibilities by providing the frameworks and structures upon which you will be asked to Self-Coach. You will own your learning, your development, and the results you achieve.

  1. A Supportive, Working Relationship:

CoachPro provides you will all the self-coaching questions, sessions, assessments, models and performance data to enable you to feel and operate like a Professional Coach. These structures, processes and measurements give you all you need to drive greater results.

  1. Thought-Provoking & Creative Processes:

CoachPro provides you with a massive range of solution-focused questions, insightful assessments and proven models designed to build your confidence, broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding and to inspire new thinking that can be practically applied to the situations and opportunities you face.

  1. Listening & Using Challenging Questions:

CoachPro provides you with responsive recommended links to self-coaching sessions, assessments, models and programmes based upon your ratings, scores, performance data, activity and preferences to give you a personalised development journey.

  1. Show Consideration by Acknowledging Needs & Goals, and Supporting Strengths:

CoachPro is designed to help you build, protect and extend your self-confidence through self-coaching. The CoachPro System™ offers continual assessment and performance data to allow you to identify, track and continue to develop your key areas of strength and opportunity.

  1. Stimulate by Encouraging the Consideration of Issues from a New Perspective, Challenging Assumptions:

CoachPro provides structured self-coaching sessions and assessments that can also be conducted in a 360 format to introduce new perspectives and feedback. In addition, the comprehensive range of self-coaching models deliver diagrammatic frameworks that accelerate the absorption and application of new and dynamic approaches to topics of high-performance.

  1. Increases Inspiration, Motivation & Optimism:

Self-Coaching on The CoachPro System™ has been designed to support and challenge you by asking the questions and providing the insights to ensure that you think bigger, think more positively, think more confidently and think more clearly. The results of these powerful questions, and the thoughts and emotions that they generate, then leads to great outcomes and results. This is all achieved for you, by you ensuring that the benefits are lifelong.

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