The Advantages of Implementing CoachPro at the Workplace

As a Self-Development Platform, CoachPro offers many advantages and opportunities for growth:

  • Improved Scheduling:According to the cognitive flexibility theory, learning is more effective if complex information is explained through multiple perspectives, analogies, and examples. You learn more effectively when you analyse and internalise knowledge on your own by switching between viewpoints, referring to relevant examples, and linking through to other resources within an integrated system. CoachPro gives you the flexibility to schedule and learn whenever and however it is convenient for you to do so.
  • Greater Synchronicity with Learning Styles:CoachPro aligns perfectly with the natural style of learners who don’t want to be spoon-fed by others. This synchronicity removes resistance and motivates learners to seek out the learning with higher levels of absorption and practical application.
  • Greater Relevance to Learner Needs:CoachPro facilitates learning at the learner’s own pace, according to their needs, and their unique learning preferences. This makes CoachPro more relevant to helping them achieve their goals and ideal outcomes with authenticity. The relevance also increases because learners are motivated to learn from their own experiences while applying their newly acquired knowledge to the job in hand.
  • Greater Facilitation of Knowledge Updates:When learners are motivated to learn and have the tools and resources easily available to them to chart their own learning path, they can be on top of the latest information, concepts and methods for high performance. Employees who keep up with the latest developments in how to drive greater performance are always assets to their organization.
  • Improved Learning of Specialized Skills:Those on CoachPro will want to learn and master specialised skills to keep up with any competition at their workplace. Being able to choose how they want to go about it is a huge motivation. Also being able to schedule their learning according to their convenience without waiting around for training managers to organize classroom sessions or to book them onto a course or event gives learners the opportunity to practice and master their skills now.
  • Greater Facilitation of Subject Mastery:When learners can learn the way that they do best—by pacing their sessions according to their needs and moving between the resources on CoachPro to analyse and synthesise information to build their own body of understanding—there can be greater mastery of a subject.

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