The Benefits of Self-Development In Your Business

It’s not surprising that self-development is on the rise when you consider it can:

  • Improve employees’ skills and performance
  • Create an upwardly mobile workforce, enabling you to promote from within more often
  • Increase productivity, maximising the value of employees to your organisation
  • Help your organisation handle change more effectively, as employees are continuously updating their skills
  • Significantly increase employee engagement

Self-Development isn’t just beneficial for employers either. It also helps employees to pursue their own career goals and interests, build confidence and be more autonomous.

Setting self-development goals

  • But how much autonomy should you allow employees in setting their development goals? If undertaken during working hours, or with financial support, it’s fair that self-development goals should be aligned with the needs of the employee’s job and your organisation.

Staff appraisal meetings are a great time to set goals for self-development. The employee and their manager can combine their insights on the development required.

You can also use personal development plans (PDPs) to record self-development needs, goals, actions and progress. PDPs can play a valuable role in the appraisal process, by ensuring useful goals are set and charting progress.

Identifying areas for employee self-development

  • The development activities your employees undertake will depend partly on the budget and time you provide for self-development.

Activities can be diverse, covering any kind of personal development.

They can include:

  • Formal learning, such as taking external training courses and educational qualifications, attending conferences, or e-learning
  • Work-based learning, such as undertaking special projects, shadowing colleague and taking on new duties
  • Self-directed learning, such as reading academic and industry texts
  • Professional activitiessuch as training or mentoring others, being part of a professional body and networking with other professionals
  • Providing self-development incentives

Ultimately, however beneficial self-development might be for employees, it still takes initiative and motivation on their part. That’s why the ability to self-develop is a desirable skill in itself, which is sometimes called ‘learning agility.’

Employees can also be encouraged to self-develop and many organisations run employee incentive programmes with that purpose. Incentive programmes should be:

  • Effective: make sure you’re rewarding valuable outcomes, such as completion of agreed development goals.
  • Desirable: employees will only change their behaviour for rewards they actually want.
  • Fair: Incentives should be realistically achievable.

Employees who feel inspired and passionate about their work are more likely to self-develop. Employee engagement programmes can, therefore, foster self-development, while also offering wider value.

Characteristics of Self-Directed Learners:

  • They set clear goals for themselves.
  • They shape their learning process in line with goals and plans.
  • They monitor their own learning process.
  • They evaluate the outcomes of their own learning.
  • They are autonomous.
  • They have self-motivation.
  • They are open to learning.
  • They are curious.
  • They are willing to learn.
  • They value learning.
  • They have self-control.
  • They take initiative to learn

Self-Development through Self-directed learning enables individuals to improve their self-confidence, autonomy, motivation and lifelong learning skills. It turns learners into active participants in the learning process and encourages them to become deep learners.

There are several competencies that self-directed learning require and are supported by The CoachPro System™:

  • CoachPro provides a platform that enables you to enter into a close, respectful and learning-friendly system.
  • CoachPro provides you with an environment which is physically and psychologically comfortable, open to interaction, based on cooperation, open and secure, and accessible 24/7.
  • The Self-Development focus on CoachPro develops your ability to take responsibility for determining your own learning needs.
  • CoachPro give you the ability to set real and genuine goals.
  • CoachPro enables you to plan, implement and evaluate your learning activities.
  • CoachPro gives you the opportunity and framework to self-direct your learning.
  • CoachPro develops your ability to self-coach and become your own facilitator and source of solutions.
  • CoachPro gives you the ability to effectively use proven structures and processes designed to drive high performance and optimal results.
  • CoachPro presents your Performance Dashboard in real time to objectively evaluate learning processes and outcomes in real time.

Self-development & Self-directed learning (SDL) is on the minds of many L&D professionals right now. Training managers, HR professionals, and instructional designers want to promote this strategy at the workplace because it facilitates the creation of a robust and sustainable learning culture in the organization.

Learn about the features and benefits of CoachPro and how you can implement this Self-Development Platform at the workplace to turn reluctant and dispassionate learners into dedicated and inspired ones.

What is Self-Development & Self-Directed Learning (SDL)?

Those who decide to self-develop are mature, responsible individuals who want to take charge of their own learning. This is a natural psychological and cognitive development that takes place as human beings mature intellectually. This approach can also be encouraged and inspired when positioned as being a preferred or essential strategy. In this respect, the concept of Self-Development is a cornerstone of learning because it taps into a natural human behaviour.

The CoachPro System™ has been specifically designed as a self-development platform to support learners in realising their fullest potential by providing structures, processes and performance measures to drive strong personal growth, ownership and accountability with confidence.

Self-Development includes knowing what you need to learn, how to learn it, and being able to judge if you’ve learnt it. It assumes that you have a role or are determining your role in selecting those learning tasks that fit your learning needs.

Characteristics of Self-Development Learners:

Self-development learning is a revolutionary shift away from the traditional classroom-based or event-based way of learning. This is evident from its characteristic features:

  • Flexibility:It is the most distinctive feature of Self-Development Learning. Learners have the flexibility and freedom to design and structure their learning. CoachPro has designed and developed information and communication technologies to support and enhance this flexibility.
  • Learner Responsibility and Ownership:Self-Development Learning hinges on learners assuming responsibility for their own learning. CoachPro has been designed as a Self-Development Platform so that they will view learning as a tool that will help them solve their real-life problems so that they can fulfil their personal and professional duties and obligations. They are intrinsically motivated to learn, and they take ownership of their learning endeavours and results.
  • Learner Empowerment:Self-Development Learners are empowered by CoachPro to take charge of their learning journey and steer it along whatever track they want. The content has been developed keeping in mind the style and focus of the learner.  Insightful and actionable learning that can be readily transitioned from the platform to the job are critical features of Self-Development Learning with a consistent focus on practical application. CoachPro ensures the availability of the right tools and technology, easy access to content, and an organizational learning culture that encourages and facilitates this as integral for empowering learners to make their own decisions regarding their learning paths.

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