The Challenges & Opportunities of Self-Coaching

The Challenge of Time: “I just don’t have the time” or “I don’t know how to fit this into my hectic schedule”

The Opportunity of Time: Research indicates that with as little as 10 minutes on CoachPro you can have a huge impact on your performance, and up to 16% immediate improvement in your results.


The Challenge of Ownership: “I can’t bear to face up to my mistakes”

The Opportunity of Ownership: Self-Coaching on CoachPro is about what you are aware of, what you have experienced, and what you know, without judgement. You are in a safe, secure and private environment; this is the place to own your performance. Take The CoachPro System™ to a place that suits you, and on a device that works best for you.


The Challenge of Discomfort: “I am not sure that I want to go over my experiences.”

The Opportunity of Discomfort: When self-coaching on CoachPro you are learning from all your experiences, not just your mistakes. Everything you self-coach on is a lesson; the experiences you want to avoid in the future, and the experiences you want to re-create again and again! The CoachPro System™ helps you break things down into more manageable chunks to experience those small wins that have the greatest impact.


The Challenge of Learning: “I am not a natural Coach!”

The Opportunity of Learning: Successful self-coaching is built around asking the right questions in the right quantity, of the right quality, that are designed to have the greatest value and impact. It is about doing this is a consistent, structured and focused way so that you achieve optimal results. The CoachPro System™ has been designed to give you step-by-step guides that provide you with all you need to feel and perform as a Professional Coach while self-coaching.


The Challenge with Emotions: “I find it hard to remain objective with so much at stake”

The Opportunity with Emotions: It is important that you care, and that you are working on things that matter to you, however it is also important that your emotions are channelled positively towards the outcomes you want to achieve. The CoachPro System™ brings the objectivity, structure, process and context that ensures that you continue to learn and develop how to direct all your focus, energy and intelligence optimally.

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