What is CoachPro and How to Encourage Workers to Pursue It

Self-Development on CoachPro begins with increasing the awareness of what you are good at, and what areas you want to enhance. Self-assessment helps you identify what you want to achieve and what you need to learn to reach that goal.  The CoachPro System ™ then supports you in in finding the best way for you to go about learning it. The ongoing collation of scores and ratings on CoachPro ensures that ou will know when you have gained the knowledge you need. Success in Self-Development does require discernment and motivation, as this is about taking ownership of your learning and of your personal growth. CoachPro is there to provide you with the necessary support, coaching and mentorship during the process.

Self-Development & Self-directed learning are much more than just an approach to education. Instead, it’s a new way of life. – Novoed

There are some key things employers and L&D leaders can do to get employees more interested in Self-Development & Self-Directed Learning. They include urging them to set goals for themselves, supporting them and providing opportunities for learning on platforms that are specifically designed for self-development and self-directed learning. CoachPro is an award-winning self-development platform that drives high-performance and personal growth.

CoachPro will support you in each of these approaches:

1) Urging Your Employees to Set Goals for Themselves

Goal setting helps learners identify what they should learn and how they should go about getting the knowledge. 

Some people will know exactly what they want out of their role, their job or their career, but not all will be sure about what they want to do. Some may also be resistant to the idea of not having an instructor guide them every step of the way during a course or have misconceptions about what self-development involves.

CoachPro provides step by step guides, detailed tutorials and a positive learning experience so that they can engage in the development with support, confidence and control.

You must ensure that learners set realistic goals that benefit them as individuals and as part of your team.

CoachPro provides responsive links and recommendations which helps in choosing development topics, skills or behaviours which would be most beneficial to the individual and their career. This gives them the optimal blend of offering guidance but allowing them to choose on their own pathways.

As a Company it is helpful to give some clear directions and establish proper learning objectives. Learners who engage with Self-Development on CoachPro for the first time may not know what to expect or how to work through the system on their own. They will benefit from advice on how much time they should spend on sessions, models, and assessments. If they know how a Self-Development Platform works, they will be a lot less worried about the experience. Learners also benefit from knowing how the course relates to their career trajectory. This means they can assess what they’re learning and relate it to their goals.

CoachPro provides a wide range of assessments and a specific goal-setting system to help you identify, set and work on the goals that are of most value and impact. There are even activities specifically designed for career development choices. In addition to individual goal-setting, as a Company you can set up Team Goals on CoachPro to gain a more collective approach to self-development and to align the learning with strategic initiatives.

2) Providing Opportunities During the Work Day for Employees to Learn

Self-Development & Self-directed learning places the onus on employees but you should still create a supportive environment.

Learning benefits not just the individual, but their department and the entire Company. You should, therefore, set aside some time for learning on a regular basis. By setting team Goals on CoachPro you are reinforcing that your Company is a place where growth and high-performance are genuinely valued.

Udemy’s Head of Learning and Development Shelley Osborne said that more than half of all emplyees surveyed believed that they would learn more if they had more time to learn at work. Corporate L&D managers that we have spoken to shared similar sentiments.

Suggestions of putting learning on the calendar each month and scheduling it at the most popular time, and letting employees choose what they want to learn, or asking them to consider their goals when they do this have all generated positive results.

It is important for Self-Development not to seem like a chore or obligation. Remind employees that increasing their knowledge is good for both personal and professional development. Explain that those who stay on the cutting edge are more likely to retain their jobs and be considered for promotion and leadership roles. Allow your employees to have fun as they learn and to explore their creativity. Also, remind them that failure and discovery are part of the learning process and everything won’t always need to go as planned.

CoachPro provides an extensive range of content that looks at the whole individual, personal and professional self-development with opportunities to improve and enhance skills, thoughts and habits on any topic of choice.

3) Give Learners the Tools They Need to Succeed

At CoachPro we make our Self-Development content and sessions more attractive by detailing how each engagement can help you reach your goals. The powerful combination of Self-Development driven by the increased ability to Self-Coach with key performance measurement and activity data really sets The CoachPro System™ apart!

CoachPro also supports Self-Development & Self-Directed Learners by giving them more flexibility:

  • CoachPro allows learners to choose their own projects, and for Companies to define areas of focus.
  • CoachPro has designed Self-Development modules in such a way that learners can choose where they want to start, and with responsive technology, create and define their own unique development pathway.
  • CoachPro gives learners multiple opportunities to complete tasks, to repeat and review content and to discover alternative and complimentary approaches.
  • CoachPro permits learners to set their own deadlines for projects, and for Companies to set more defined timescales when preferred.

The CoachPro System does provide a lot of freedom and choice for those who see the value of learning and are eager to work through the exercises. Self-Development is not typically about being spoon-fed by instructors so you can enjoy being able to study when it’s most convenient for you. Self-Development is about ownership and personal growth in defining the outcomes you want to achieve and reach.

CoachPro appreciates that it is also important for the User and the Company to be able to track behaviour and activity, and to take feedback into consideration.  The Performance Dashboards on CoachPro (Individual & Team) captures which sessions, assessments, activities and models are most sought after and which ones many learners skip to identify where the focus and trends are. Individuals and Companies can also look at the time of day which is the most popular and the types of materials which get the most engagement. This information can then be used to inform decisions on future developments and communication.

At CoachPro we understand that people are increasingly being expected to play an active role in their education, development, wellbeing and overall performance improvement. CoachPro is there to help you identify your personal and professional goals and find learning opportunities which will help you to reach those goals. In addition to any Company support, CoachPro offers self-coaching support when necessary while always encouraging independence. This will help to ensure are best equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities presented in the modern world.

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