Creating a more dynamic talent and work model built upon identity, agility and increased capacity.

Whether it is the light at the end of the tunnel, or that our eyes have become more accustomed to the dark, we begin to bring possible paths and tracks more into view, and start to recognise the return of familiar challenges, the difficulties that may prove to have been situational, and the elements that arrived and will remain to reinforce that we have accelerated forward in many aspects by almost a decade.

It is unlikely that we will have been diverted from what was the eventual path, but we have turned the page at it is about 8 years later, and we are now looking to technology and HR more than ever to lead the Company in driving to future success.

Having worked with Senior HR Professionals for more than 20 years there may not have been a more crucial opportunity for HR to lead and shape a successful future.

For a Company to be successful they will need to work with their people to create personalised, genuine and authentic development experiences that motivate, inspire, and requires greater personal ownership and self-determination. This drive for sincere growth that connects with a clearer sense of purpose is how teams, individuals, and companies will be able to strengthen and sustain high performance results.

Research by McKinsey & Company shows that when HR facilitates such a positive employee experience that builds team morale and positive mindsets, their Company is 1.3 times more likely to outperform in their industry.

HR and its selection and application of technology will determine how successful the Company is when looking at the 6 key elements which will drive performance:

  1. Growth Strategy:
    Being able to outlearn others will be key if you are looking to out-perform others. This will not just be about the volume of learning or in fact the quality of the learning; this will be about the value and impact of the learning. In this regard, the value and impact of the learning will have to be more purposeful, meaningful and immediately applicable. To support this the required decisions and strategies of HR will also be driven by the greater use and application of data in future to ensure that the returns can be optimal.
  1. Self-Development:
    Encouraging and reinforcing a culture of personal growth, ownership and self-determination is where HR can provide a base upon which the employee experience can be taken to the next level. This approach of increasing self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management which builds upon individual and collective strengths to achieve exceptional and sustainable results.
  1. Value Focus & Creation:
    Transcending beyond the measurement of quantity and quality and into the levels of value and impact will ensure that talent, activity and resources are allocated and committed most effectively and flexibly to deliver optimal results. This dynamic, goal-orientated approach will reinforce the drive for the company to be more outcome-focused and recognise applied innovation and creativity to the changing environment.
  1. Adaptability:
    More than ever, your people will be required to develop and apply their talents to meet a range of tests, tasks, challenges and skill requirements in order to deliver outstanding results. This will require HR to be confident enough to deliver dynamic and strategic workforce planning whilst increasing employee engagement, purpose and momentum. Key to this will be the ability to provide learning platforms that will support and guide employees to commit to personal growth, ownership and self-determination of their future in the variety of roles and responsibilities that they will be asked to take and to look at next-generation measurements of performance.
  1. Talent Upskilling:
    According to a recent survey by PWC, 46% of CEOs believe that reskilling and upskilling are the best ways to maintain a workforce that meets the evolving business needs. Allied to this data, research by the World Economic Forum predicts that 54% of Employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022. HR will be tasked will the challenge of creating and reinforcing a self-development learning culture so that employees can build upon their strengths and apply these to the variety of challenges and roles that they will undertake.
  2. Increased Capacity:
    HR will have to increase their capacity in order to deliver or provide the wide range of solutions that will be demanded for a Company and the employees to succeed in reaching their full potential. This means that there will have to be a blend of strategic alliances, agile and digital means for next-generation performance management, and also the experience and expertise to deliver internal solutions that match their best in class skills and credibility. This “Buy or Build” decision will need to be based upon the measures of value and impact if they are to be optimal in creating capacity.

There will be opportunities ahead for people and business, and what will determine how well any Company performs will be largely impacted by the quality of HR approaches, focus and decisions, and their adoption and application of technology. This is now when HR can really get into the driving seat and accelerate towards a successful future.

As a Self-Development Platform, CoachPro provides those in HR and their Employees with a unique opportunity to build the self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and skill levels that will help them reach their full potential.

Building a stronger and clearer sense of identity, with a focus on purpose and value, you will be able to think more deeply and make more considered, more authentic decisions with the support of CoachPro.

Developing yourself as a leader, with greater confidence and capacity for change, you will be able to be more agile in your approaches to achieve greater results and outcomes with CoachPro.

With real-time personal performance data and next-generation measurements which provide you with relevant, insightful and responsive guidance, you will develop strategies for being successful by being you.

The blended learning approach of CoachPro ensures that your Self-Development journey is always positive and aligns your personal and company goals, and you are further supported with “nudges”, responsive recommendations and professional guidance.

If your Company is to successfully shift to a more dynamic talent and work model, the ability to reskill and upskill with confidence and authenticity can be achieved at

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