Team Engagement with Tech

Technology has long been a part of the employee engagement world, and usage has only increased during more recent times. Thankfully, video-conferencing platforms have allowed teams to be more fully engaged than they might have been otherwise, a trend that has shown itself as teams have been forced to pivot to remote work.

Such solutions as cloud storage have also enabled teams to remain connected, collaborative, and productive. Across all sectors, technology has been a critical aspect of business for a long time, but the duration and extent of forced changes experienced since 2020 makes this redefinition of our relationship with technology a bit different.

Recent times have served to heighten the benefits of innovative tech for businesses and for the individuals working within it. As the force of change and adaptability has come with a considerable amount of heartache, it has also highlighted the importance of interpersonal relationships and team engagement.

Technology has allowed employers to connect with and engage team members in new and exciting ways that have increased accessibility, availability, consistency and effectiveness.  The trends we have seen emerge during this difficult time are likely to persist and inspire further developments in technology-enabled engagement.

The Importance of Team Engagement

Team engagement has become imperative for every business as we navigate the continuing changes amongst returning levels of demand and pressure. Before, many industries recognised the value of engagement, but with the mass migration to remote work and a sudden disconnect between team members, engagement has become more important than ever to boost morale and productivity.

As we continue the journey through uncertain times hoping to navigate beyond the challenges of upskilling, reskilling to determine a successful and sustainable future, the ability to provide the support and technology for employees to be connected has become as critical for survival as it has for advantage.

Studies have long shown that engaged teams are more satisfied with their work, responsibilities, and involvement, and engaged team members will more often feel that their roles are essential; a key attribute of team engagement includes the perception of meaningful work and psychological enrichment.

More than ever, the challenge for employers is to create a consistent environment that empowers their people to become more engaged, motivated and inspired rather than just engaging, motivating or inspiring. Technology can place a significant part in creating an employee culture of personal growth and ownership by encouraging strategies for self-development.

Supporting employee engagement through technology can take many forms; whatever the course a business takes, all leaders need to acknowledge the importance of engagement for the sake of productivity and authentic personal success.

Connection with Technology

Forming genuine connections and frequent interactions have long been a challenge, but it is a challenge that has been met through the variety of platforms that have taken on added importance and have become the meetings method of choice or of necessity.

While face-to-face conversations became restricted, unavailable or unviable, the facilitation of live chats has helped reduce feelings of isolation while simultaneously promoting a more structured day-to-day environment for teams and employees.

Businesses have learned throughout the pandemic that going beyond collective video calls can make a significant difference in team engagement. Making an effort to engage with team members one-on-one through video conversations, phone calls, direct messages, or other personalized means of communication have reinforced the sentiment that businesses care about their teams not just as larger entities but as individuals.

Going forward, this enablement through technology extends into greater employee engagement through greater employee development. Technology that provides employees with the structures, processes, systems and performance data that empowers them to own and enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination will play a significant role in creating an optimal employee experience where they can be better engaged and better developed.

Investing in the right software and tools has already made a significant difference in connecting teams through technology. Some companies have discovered that by encouraging employees to boost their productivity most clearly demonstrate the business’s dedication to support and trust their teams and create a greater sense of belonging.

Connecting to employees individually can be challenging, so providing access to 24/7 solutions for the exact and varied moments of crisis, need or opportunity is proving to be the most efficient and effective way to engage and encourage individuals and teams. Self-development platforms help employees determine concerns, priorities, and ideas, identify strengths and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Feedback & Recognition

Cultivating a culture of recognition and appreciation is such an effective way to boost engagement, and there are plenty of software options available to encourage peer-to-peer recognition. Encouraging team members to support their peers can create a warm and positive culture that promotes productivity and satisfaction.

The threat of isolation among remote workers has been a prominent concern for businesses, and self-development platforms are a viable and effective way to provide more collaborative environments. Utilizing tools that allow real-time collaboration allows employees to boost their creative output and foster stronger relationships with each other.

In this Digital Age, gamification has become a buzzword that all businesses would be wise to consider integrating into their engagement efforts. Encouraging P2P recognition on its own can have a positive effect but providing inclusive and unlimited access to a self-development platform with real-time performance data fosters a healthy results-driven environment that celebrates top-performers and compels teams and their individual members to improve.

The next level in employee engagement strategy is how to get beyond just motivating employees, by empowering them to become more motivated; to get beyond just inspiring employees by helping them become more inspired; to get beyond just engaging employees by giving them a platform on which they can become more engaged. By providing the frameworks, structures, support and measurement that drives a culture of self-development and performance ownership, business and employees can realise the fullest potential of engagement.

Technology has long been an integral part of any employee engagement strategy that seeks to drive high-performance and fulfilment, and its importance has only become that much more apparent in recent times where a flexible, personalised, positive and user-driven system is demanded . Technology has enabled greater connection, collaboration, communication, and overall success and will continue to do so far beyond even these remarkable times.

With greater technological options available than ever before, backed by motivational and behavioural science, the ability to provide a high-performance, self-development environment at the moments of need or desire 24/7 have now become credible and viable.

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