HR Success: Transactional Freedom

You’re an HR Professional who wants to make a difference every day, to help shape the future and make your Organisation a better place to be for all; a place where employees can realise their full potential and be proud of their contribution to a Company that they can believe in.

You want to continue to grow too; discover what you are truly capable of, to experience real achievements, to remain curious, motivated, positive and to be always learning alongside colleagues that you trust and respect.

But for so many HR Professionals, this is very rarely the case, and for some it has become extremely difficult to remember or to reconnect with the opportunity of what could be possible. Having worked closely with HR for nearly 30 years as both colleagues and clients, it can be difficult to get out from underneath the increasing pressures, complexities and expectations to regain that drive and belief that what should be most important is treated as such.

For HR in general, it has become more about the overwhelming volume of avoidable stuff; the disciplinary that should never have been allowed to become an issue, the exit interviews of the disgruntled, disengaged and ignored, the escalations due to lack of communication, the emotional outbursts of mismanaged and avoided conversations, the complaints and claims caused by low self-awareness, the resignations and dismissals due to a lack of self-confidence, the dramas arising from poor self-management, and the roadblocks and negativity when there is just a lack of accountability, succession or self-determination.

The instinctive reaction is to try and fix things, in the hope that at some point all the ducks will be in a row, so you can then get back to what you really want and should be doing; but you just end up with more ducks, again.

Of course, there will always be issues into which HR can step with some wise counsel, advice, guidance or authority that reduces or eliminates the chances of things getting worse, but for the vast majority of these issues, the cause happens long before it reaches HR. With a strategy of employee empowerment and personal ownership, there can be a fresh definition for HR success; “transactional freedom”.

With the time and energy that “transactional freedom” brings to HR, so many things become not just possible, but requested, expected, appreciated and enhanced; the development of leadership qualities, the participation and influence with the Board, the getting in front of the strategies to ensure that people remain at the centre, the initiation of ideas and solutions rather than having to add in the “people stuff” later, the visibility and engagement with other senior leaders, the accessibility and availability to keep HR as a strategic investment rather than being reduced to just cost, and to position HR as the most significant aspect of competitive advantage that the organisation has.

How good would that feel?

And the answer to realising transactional freedom is not new, but it is only now with the application of technologies and the accelerated engagement with self-led solutions that it is now within your grasp.  For a long time now, HR have tried to encourage and request greater personal ownership from employees, so that the approaches and responses to challenges could be more genuine, authentic and sustainable.

However, this has until now still required HR to provide the support, guidance and training for employees, or to leave them to their own devices. Research shows that self-development without support or direction lasts on average up to 16 days which then only raises another issue that gets referred back to HR!

But we are now in different times, and the accelerated rise in self-service technologies and remote working has seen a rise in the confidence, capability and capacity of employees to use systems and platforms to find solutions more independently. This presents HR with a fantastic opportunity to truly and empower their employees to realise their full potential by taking ownership of their growth and performance with the support and guidance of a self-development platform.

Back in 2008, we developed our first version of a self-coaching platform in an attempt to meet the challenges caused by the expanding demand for coaches.  Even back then, there was already the issue of high fees and additional costs, coach dependency, inconsistency of process and quality, accessibility, exclusivity, personality clashes and lack of measurement or qualified ROI. Ahead of our time, and with only early stage learning technology, we continued to listen and learn, design and develop, ask big questions and keep the faith, until many versions later we have arrived with a fully integrated and responsive employee self-development system. We welcome you to CoachPro.

With empowered and supported employees who have unlimited access to high-performance structures, processes, guidance and measurement, they can quickly build the self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination to realise their full potential with authenticity and independence.

The topic-specific coaching sessions, assessments, programmes, podcasts and models are built into a comprehensive self-development system that sits on responsive technologies and is driven by behavioural and motivational science. Real-time data provides you with continual insight and the ability to track and monitor over 70 key performance measures individually and collectively. ROI and the business impact of HR and employee development can now be clear.

For many in HR or L&D the biggest and most immediate impact of CoachPro is the reduction of noise and avoidable issues that tend to arise from day to day situations being mis-managed, missed, ignored, or being allowed to escalate unnecessarily.

With Employees being supported, guided and empowered by an “always on” self-service solution, HR and L&D are then released from the many transactional, day to day demands to be able to get to the most valuable opportunities.

Designed to support employees at all levels to take ownership for their growth and performance, this enables HR to truly realise transactional freedom and make the strategic and long-lasting impact that you always aimed for!

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