Every day should be Thanksgiving. In your personal or professional life, there is no space for taking others for granted. Despite this, many employees are leaving their positions due to a lack of appreciation.

According to Harvard Firm Review, “the greatest approach to stabilise your business is to halt the wave of attrition and enhance your retention.” “In our haste to employ more people, we sometimes overlook the ones who stay – the people who come up day in and day out and carry the job that needs to be done.”

While top HR directors ponder how to win the talent battle in the midst of a historic labour crisis, there is one simple strategy they may attempt. Thank the people who are driving the company forward.

The Harvard Business Review published a study in 2020 that showed how helpful it is to congratulate your staff for their hard work. Adam M. Grant and Francesca Gino investigated the impact of displaying appreciation and discovered that individuals who were thanked exhibited more prosocial behaviour. After being praised by management, for example, fundraisers made additional phone calls.

Create a positive atmosphere
According to the abstract concerning Geue’s results, “a quantitative research of positivity in a team-based food service environment highlighted substantial links between positive behaviours, social climate, job engagement, and task performance.” “The importance of team members discovering meaning in their work through mutual interaction that promotes trust, respect, and confidence, with employees believing the best in one another and inspiring one another in their performance, was demonstrated by the finer delineation of positive practises.”

HR executives who seek to boost engagement as part of their retention strategy should be grateful. According to the Harvard Business Review, some bosses appear to believe that expressing appreciation is difficult or that it will become another item on their to-do list. Employees, on the other hand, thought it was a lot easier.

According to Indeed, “showing appreciation lets workers know when they’re achieving and can enhance engagement.”

Discover a few methods to express your gratitude to your employees:

Give a standing ovation.
Some organisations set aside time to publicly congratulate outstanding individuals. Badger Maps, for example, recognises staff at weekly Friday meetings.

“Anyone on the team can provide ‘props’ to anyone else on the team, fostering a culture of appreciation, respect, and collaboration. It’s a chance to celebrate coworkers in front of the group for their successes and contributions that week, and to show them appreciation for working hard and doing something amazing “Badger Maps’ creator and CEO, Steven Benson, said in Business News Daily.

Compose a Thank-You Letter
A handwritten note, in a world of emails and text messages, gives a clear statement that you care. To express your gratitude, send an old-fashioned thank you note. Give concrete examples of what the employee did to earn your thanks. “Your presentation was fantastic, and I believe it helped us win over the customer,” for example. It’s important to note that it shouldn’t be general.
Feed the Team Throughout the year, a small company owner will feed his staff a barbecue meal or pasta lunch. He gives them each a turkey to prepare for their families on Thanksgiving. To job sites, he delivers coffee and doughnuts. Even if he didn’t thank the crew too often, he is expressing his thanks by feeding them. Hosting social activities or offering meals as a reward are kind gestures that help to build a sense of community or even family.

Offer monetary incentives
Bonuses are, without a doubt, the ultimate expression of gratitude. However, you may give away gift cards or other monetary incentives more often throughout the year. By giving workers a bonus, you’re emphasising that their labour has a specific worth.

Give Time as a Gift
Giving your staff more vacation time is another way to express your thanks. At large organisations, where perks are meticulously monitored, this may be problematic. However, if someone works really hard, you may be able to allow them to come in late or leave early. As an incentive, one medium-sized business owner suggested giving staff an unexpected day off.

Be careful to communicate your thanks, whether it’s with a huge gesture like additional PTO or a simple thank you. Taking the time to express gratitude may make staff feel successful and valued.

What are your methods for expressing gratitude?

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