8 Development Areas

Realising the Potential of People & Business

Employee Development & Engagement on CoachPro is set out into the 8 Key Areas of Personal and Professional growth for high performance.

  • Self-Awareness & Self-Management

Self-Awareness & Self-Management

The ability for Employees to be more emotionally aware and to manage their emotions and impulses constructively.

For Employees to build and maintain confidence through accurate self-assessment and understanding of identity.

  • Self-Control & Leadership

Self-Control & Leadership

The ability for Employees to channel their emotion and set an authentic example for others to trust through being more conscientious, consistent, sincere and adaptable.

  • Motivation & Results

Motivation & Results

The ability for Employees to be focused on achievement and be results-driven by demonstrating initiative, commitment, innovation, optimism and resilience.

  • Social Skills & Influence

Social Skills & Influence

The ability for Employees to connect and have greater situational and organisational awareness so that they can leverage diversity, empathise and be of valuable service.

  • Leadership & Relationships

Leadership & Relationships

The ability for Employees to set a vision and to encourage others to participate and develop succession through compelling communication and behaviour.

  • Performance & Value

Performance & Value

The ability for Employees to manage issues independently, to create valuable bonds and to drive change through collaboration and partnerships.

  • Business & Career

Business & Career

The ability for Employees to develop greater management, business development, strategy and financial management skills to increase their value and future opportunities.

  • Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

The ability for Employees to enhance their awareness, skills and capacity to develop relationships, performance, measurement and results through coaching.

6 Blends of Learning

CoachPro offers Employees Blended Learning Solutions to empower a truly personalised development experience.

  • Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

Provide Employees with instant coaching support for exactly the times that they want or need most to get their thinking straight, to create a plan, and to take action towards their goals and desired outcomes.

With over 60 topic-specific sessions to choose from, and the option to either have a QuickCoach session (2-5 minutes) or a Coach16 session (4-15 minutes), Employees will benefit from proven coaching structures whilst also enhancing their own coaching skills.

  • Assessments


Provide Employees with actionable insights, data and feedback to track, identify and measure the capabilities, awareness, and development progress that drives high-performance outcomes.

With over 20 topic-specific assessments to choose from, and the option to complete these as a self-assessment or as a 360-assessment, Employees will be able to quantify and demonstrate their continued growth and results.

  • Coaching Models

Coaching Models

Provide Employees with award-winning content presented in short videos that illustrate proven and practical frameworks, tools and concepts for deeper understanding high-performance results.

With over 150 topic-specific models to choose from, and each designed to increase levels of absorption and application, Employees can build their own unique collection of strategies and approaches for realising their full potential.

  • Programmes


Provide Employees with custom-designed courses to empower and develop a deeper understanding on a chosen performance topic or behaviour.

With over 20 programmes to choose from, each consisting of topic-specific coaching sessions, assessments and coaching models, Employees are guided through each step to deliver a powerful and blended learning experience.

  • Podcasts


Provide Employees with frameworks, insights and anecdotes with conversations between leaders, experts and participants from the world of self-development.

With over 30 podcasts to choose from, Employees can enjoy the opportunity to listen and learn some game-changing tools, tips and techniques to accelerate their development journey.

  • Tools & Planners

Tools & Planners

Provide Employees with practical exercises and tools with which to better organise, plan, track and implement their learning and development.

With a wide range of topics and disciplines to choose from, Employees can build their own unique collection of approaches to best capture and apply the techniques and approaches that they have gained.

4 Pillars of Self-Development

CoachPro is the complete self-development partner for Employees, designed to support and empower them to realise and reach their fullest potential.  Beyond the merits of self-help, self-improvement or self-directed learning, the approach of supported self-development ensures that the Employee owns their personal growth and performance by building on their strengths and creating genuine, authentic and sincere approaches and solutions for high-performance.

  • Self-awareness


Engage Employees to develop a more accurate self-assessment of their strengths, achievements and talent from which they can identify the approaches that work best for them, and how these can be applied to the areas that they want to improve in.

  • Self-confidence


Support Employees to be more objective and specific in their development of self-confidence through the appreciation and enhancement of their experience, expertise, knowledge, abilities and qualifications as a strong base on which to build.

  • Self-management


Enable Employees to discover and develop the questions and approaches that drive high-performance and achieve greater results by becoming the best version of themselves today.

  • Self-determination


Empower Employees to own and self-select what they want success to be for them, and what impact and difference they want to make by leading and taking accountability for their journey and contribution.

  • Transactional Freedom

Transactional Freedom

For many in HR or L&D the biggest and most immediate impact of CoachPro is the reduction of noise and avoidable issues that tend to arise from day to day situations being mis-managed, missed, ignored, or being allowed to escalate unnecessarily.
With Employees being supported, guided and empowered by an “always on” self-service solution, HR and L&D are then released from the many transactional, day to day demands to be able to get to the most valuable opportunities.

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