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Businesses of all sizes are using CoachPro to support and expand their People Strategies and initiatives. A fully managed Employee Development platform, CoachPro is an immediate, “Always On” solution for Employees & Teams across your Business to reach their full potential.


People Performance

Supporting and developing high performance in people has become one of the most challenging and demanding issues, even more so in these unprecedented times. More than ever before, Businesses are looking for strategic leadership solutions that will determine and shape what the future workforce and the culture needs to be in order to survive and be successful.

CoachPro is a comprehensive, integrated and employee managed Solution for building business confidence and performance.

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Employee Engagement

Now more than ever, the ability to manage, adapt, support, guide and develop people through change will determine how a workforce and a business survives. Being strong and intelligent is of value, but the level of awareness, confidence, management and determination of change will be what matters most.

CoachPro offers a fully integrated 24/7 Employee Engagement Solution to drive high performance thoughts, skills and behaviour.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting and supporting diversity is an important aspect of people management to value everyone in the Organisation as an individual. CoachPro enables you to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce by providing an inclusive self-development environment and positive employee experience where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their true potential. A 24/7, unlimited, personalised, flexible and responsive solution that meets the diverse needs of your workforce.

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Learning & Development

CoachPro supports employee learning and development by providing a self-development platform for continuous learning and growth so that individuals and teams can constantly evolve and develop with confidence and purpose. A comprehensive, employee managed learning and development solution for your teams and individuals.

With a self-development approach, employees are empowered to take ownership of their personal growth and development with increased self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination.

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Employee Well-being

Promoting employee well-being is good for people and the organisation. Supporting well-being can help prevent stress and create a positive working environment where individuals and teams can thrive. Health and well-being can be core enablers of employee engagement and organisational performance.

CoachPro is an integrated system using motivational and behavioural science to deliver a positive and confidence building employee learning experience.

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Emotional Management (EM)

More than ever, individuals, managers, leaders and teams in any organisation will have a widening range of emotions, at a greater intensity, to deal with. With so many issues and concerns being more openly discussed and identified that are emotionally driven, the ability to assess, manage and channel this powerful energy is now a crucial attribute for success and fulfilment.

CoachPro, with its unique Emotional Gateway and its use of motivational and behavioural science, provides the ideal platform on which your employees and teams can develop personal strategies to master issues such as overwhelm, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and lethargy to improve their well-being and mental health.

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Skills Enhancement

In addition to the requirement for the development of new and enhanced skills to meet the demand for flexible responses to changing roles and environments, there is also the dramatic surge in remote working skills required both for individuals and teams.

The likes of communication skills, influence, adaptability, time-management, empathy and resilience have created a new premium for skills development as key business and performance drivers. CoachPro provides a comprehensive range of blended solutions for employees to develop vital skills and capabilities with confidence and conviction.

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Extended Coaching Provision

Up until now, it has always been difficult to justify or provide access to professional coaching across a whole workforce due to issues with cost, availability, accessibility or consistency. For many, this has resulted in the benefits of coaching, and the many skills that it develops, being restricted to those who qualify by title, position, reward or concern.

With CoachPro you now have a financially viable and complete workforce accessible coaching solution that can develop and unlock the true potential of all your employees. The full benefits are realised when coaching becomes a culture that drives the quality of questions, thinking, approaches, skills and behaviours that drive high-performance.

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With a comprehensive system and excellent employee experience, HR can focus on the key strategies and initiatives that will drive their business forward, confident that those Employee moments of need or opportunity are being supported in real time.

With immediate and unlimited access to an exclusive range of self-development resources, your workforce delivers greater results and performance through increased self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination.

A low cost, zero maintenance platform, CoachPro enables you to provide an inclusive, accessible, personalised and supportive resource to drive stronger wellbeing and performance!

Expand and amplify the benefits of your strategies and initiatives by developing a culture of Self-Development where personal growth, ownership and accountability directly impact results.

With industry leading content and processes based upon decades of research and delivery, Employees have access to proven high-performance structures, tools and insights to enable them to reach their full potential.

You will be giving Employees access to so much more than just content. CoachPro is a unique Self-Development System with exclusive, integrated, responsive and data-driven resources for optimal results.

CoachPro is a solution that supports and extends the value of your HR Strategies and Initiatives with fundamental processes and structures for high-performance and development.

Each month you will see new content and features released on CoachPro designed to keep you ahead of the development curve and to further enhance the Employee experience.

“CoachPro has provided me with incredible insight, allowing me to move from the macro to the micro issues and opportunities with clear, concise ideas or models that prove to be the solution.”


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