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Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone should get the opportunity to realise their full potential. CoachPro provides a 24/7, unlimited, personalised, flexible and responsive solution that meets the diverse needs of your workforce.


Unlimited Access

Actively supporting diversity is an important aspect to value everyone in the Organisation as an individual. CoachPro enables you to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce by providing an inclusive self-development environment and positive employee experience where everyone is able to participate and achieve their true potential.

What Is CoachPro?

A Business Priority

Diversity and Inclusion is a clear and accepted business priority that reaches throughout the whole organisation. More diverse teams are proven to out-perform peers against various critical measures, including productivity and profitability.

All employees deserve the opportunity to develop their skills and talents to their full potential, to learn in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, and be fairly and accurately recognised for their progress and achievements. CoachPro provides unlimited access to a full range of responsive self-coaching sessions, assessments, programmes and models that creates a unique self-development roadmap with real-time performance data within a password protected account.

What Is CoachPro?

Personalised Solutions

CoachPro is an inclusive solution where people’s differences are valued and used to enable everyone to thrive personally and professionally. Access to CoachPro reinforces the ethos of an inclusive environment in which everyone feels that they belong, that their contribution matters, and that they can perform to their full potential.

Celebrating diversity, CoachPro recognises and acknowledges individual strengths, attributes and differences to help employees build unique, genuine and sincere pathways to their fullest potential.

What Is CoachPro?


Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of an organisation’s reputation in terms of who they are, who they want to be, and what their impact and legacy will be.

CoachPro supports D&1:

  • Belonging for everyone with unlimited access.
  • Develops empathetic leadership.
  • Engages Employees in their development beyond just compliance.
  • A positive employee learning experience utilising motivational and behavioural science.
  • A self-managed journey of self-development to reach their full potential.
  • A psychologically safe, secure and personalised learning environment.
  • Supports all employees to discover and build authentic strategies for success. No “Imposter Syndrome” here!
  • Respects and protects your brand and values by presenting the finest structures and processes, to drive high performance .
What Is CoachPro?

Diversity & Inclusion FAQs

What Employees will get the most out of CoachPro?2021-09-09T09:50:22+01:00

CoachPro has been designed as a self-development platform to provide the structures, processes, questions and measurements that drive high-performance for all Employees. CoachPro supports Employees to take personal ownership of their self-development and for those who embrace this empowerment most will get the most from it quicker.

What Employee access criteria should set for CoachPro?2021-09-09T09:50:37+01:00

For many Businesses, providing access to CoachPro has been a great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and so it has been made accessible to all.

For some Businesses, the access criteria are built around informal aspects such as willingness, enthusiasm, interest, energy, ambition or appetite for learning and growth.

While some other Businesses have been more formal and specific in terms of access criteria in terms of position, function, performance levels, or as part of a specific programme, initiative or group.

Do Employees need to have had prior experience or exposure to coaching for this to work for them?2021-09-09T09:50:55+01:00

Employees do not need to have had any prior experience of coaching or being coached at all to get the most out of the CoachPro System.  All the content, sessions, assessments, models and programmes have been designed as self-development activities where Employees are given all the structures, processes, questions and measurements that drive high performance.

What languages is CoachPro available in?2021-09-09T09:51:11+01:00

English only currently.

What level of technical or IT skills are required to use CoachPro?2021-09-09T09:51:31+01:00

Only the most basis IT Skills and internet access are required

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