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Learning & Development

A comprehensive, employee managed learning and development solution for your teams and individuals.


Employee Performance

CoachPro supports employee learning and development by providing a self-development platform for continuous learning and growth so that individuals and teams can constantly evolve and develop with confidence and purpose. A comprehensive, employee managed learning and development solution for your teams and individuals.

With a self-development approach, employees are empowered to take ownership of their personal growth and development with increased self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination.

What Is CoachPro?

Clear Returns

Employees who are provided with access to the structures, processes, content, frameworks and measurement that support their self-development journey deliver definite and visible returns because they are encouraged to take personal ownership of their growth and performance. CoachPro is a comprehensive Self-Development platform.

Self-Developing Employees:

  • Handle Uncertainty Better
  • Solve Problems Better
  • Are More Creative & Solution Focused
  • Are More Productive
  • Understand Goals Better
  • Work Towards Reaching Goals
  • Are More Customer-Centric
  • Stay with Companies Longer
  • Are More Adaptable to Change
  • Are Better Team Players
  • Have a Positive Impact on Others
  • Tend to Be Healthier
  • Are Great Ambassadors
  • Deliver Better Results
What Is CoachPro?

Flexible Solutions

As career and work pathways are no longer linear, the learning and development pathways have to be dynamic, flexible and creative in their response. Getting this right makes your Organisation 30% more likely to be a long-term market leader.  Learning & Development is now considered to be the cultural change driver and the major employee engagement play.

When employees have unlimited access to the structures, processes, content and data required for developing consistent high performance they can build their unique pathway to realising their full potential.  A comprehensive self-development system that uses motivational and behavioural science to enhance the employee learning experience, CoachPro is much more than a collection of modules and courses to complete or attend.

Supported with insightful data, professional tip and responsive recommendations, employees can identify their current and future opportunities and requirements to then engage with flexible, personalised and integrated sessions and solutions. CoachPro is a Learning & Development platform designed to meet the diverse needs of the workforce.

What Is CoachPro?

Learning & Development FAQs

How does this Self-Development approach fit with other Employee Development approaches?2021-09-09T09:52:07+01:00

Self-development integrates and compliments with all other Employee development initiatives. There is evidence that self-developed Employees gain more benefit and deliver enhanced results from wider development activity.

How is Employee success measured?2021-09-09T09:52:23+01:00

There are more than 70 key performance measures across the CoachPro system. These measures are captured and calculated based upon activity, progress and scores in real-time to give you a comprehensive overview for insight and identification of growth and opportunity.

How is the optimal blend of Employee learning achieved?2021-09-09T09:52:40+01:00

Employees can complete coaching sessions, assessments and programmes, or view a wide range of models, or listen in on self-development podcasts, or analyse their performance dashboard. With a system approach, these activities combine to offer Employees blended solutions and a positive learning experience.

How are Employee learning pathways created on CoachPro?2021-09-09T09:52:55+01:00

Each activity that an Employee engages with creates a personal footprint on their self-development journey and at the same time generates responsive recommendations, guidance, tips and next steps to take. These are all captured and collated to build unique development roadmaps for every Employee.

How are the Employee performance dashboard scores calculated and used?2021-09-09T09:53:10+01:00

Each session that an Employee engages with is measured and monitored to create a calculated score in terms of activity, performance, score and progress; all in real-time.

The Employee Performance Dashboard has more than 70 key development measures which offer insight and identification of strengths, focus, and areas of opportunity. Each measure is accompanied by responsive tips and guidance.

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