Your Company CoachPro Account gives your Team Members and Employees access to their ultimate Self-Development partner, always available, always ready, always looking to support them in realising their fullest potential.

Top 5 points of Communication, Recommendation and Guidance on CoachPro:

  1. Each week, your Team Members and Employees will receive email notifications and prompts on the latest releases and suggestions for their continued Self-Development.
  2. Each Session or Assessment your Team Members and Employees complete provides them with a detailed Report which includes responsive recommendations and links relating to their specific scores, ratings and aims.
  3. Each measurement in their Performance Dashboard comes with professional Coaching Tips based upon how well they are performing in that aspect.
  4. Each Self-Assessment provides illustrated results on the topic, behaviour or skill in that area to identify and pinpoint key areas of strength and areas of opportunity.
  5. Each 360-Assessment provides illustrated and comparative results on the topic, behaviour or skill in that area, to identify key areas of strength and consistent rating, and areas of opportunity and inconsistent rating. In addition, there are clear guidelines offered to ensure that accurate and objective interpretation is applied to the results and comments.

A Company CoachPro Account is for Organisations who want to encourage and support Self-Development across their Teams and Employees by providing access to all the structures, processes, content and performance measurement they need to reach their fullest potential. This Self-Development approach ensures that your Teams and Employees take greater ownership, enjoy greater personal growth, have greater confidence and achieve successful results that are more genuine, authentic and consistent.

Top 10 Benefits from a Company CoachPro Account

  1. Ethos of Self-Development
  2. Performance Measurement & Data
  3. Proven Structures & Processes
  4. Improved Results & Behaviours
  5. Unique Content
  6. Integrated System Approach
  7. Accessibility
  8. Low Cost
  9. Level of Control & Management
  10. Personalised Experience

Teams and Employees with greater self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management, sense of ownership and focus will always be able to drive greater results on the way to realising their potential.

Top 10 Reasons for having a Company CoachPro Account:

  1. Reinforces Self-Development approach and Ownership
  2. An Inclusive Solution
  3. Accessibility
  4. Low Cost
  5. Supports Wider Engagement
  6. Performance Measurement & Data
  7. Blended Learning
  8. Detailed Reporting & Management Information
  9. Personalised Development
  10. Easy to Manage

Your Company CoachPro Account also presents for you a complete Performance Dashboard that covers 27 key measures and indicators for you to track and monitor. As the Account Manager, you will have access to your own Dashboard, and to the Dashboards of the whole Team to be able to pinpoint results, activity and areas of strength and opportunity.

To create and reinforce a performance culture through self-development and self-directed learning it is vital to offer the platform, structures, processes and systematic approach to your Teams and Employees. Company CoachPro is your complete Self-Development partner.

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