Tracking progress is a key component of the Self-Development Journey and as the Account Manager you have a complete set of Performance Dashboards which captures and collates all activity, progress and results achieved across The CoachPro System™. This comprehensive level of performance data is vital in identifying specific strengths and areas of opportunity.

Top 20 Reasons to Measure Performance:

  1. Directs behaviour
  2. Increases the visibility of performance
  3. Builds confidence
  4. Focuses attention
  5. Clarifies expectations
  6. Demonstrates commitment
  7. Enables accountability
  8. Increases objectivity
  9. Confirms achievement
  10. Provides the basis of goal setting
  11. Improves execution
  12. Promotes consistency
  13. Facilitates feedback
  14. Increases alignment
  15. Improves decision making
  16. Improves problem solving
  17. Provides early warning signals
  18. Enhances understanding
  19. Enables prediction
  20. Motivation

As the Account Manager you have access to 2 Performance Dashboards:

  • Company Performance Dashboard
  • Personal Performance Dashboard

Your Company Performance Dashboard collates all activity, progress and results achieved collectively by your Team Members and Employees in real time. You can then go deeper into each Team or Employee Dashboard for a more detailed overview of activity and performance.

Your Personal Performance Dashboard collates all your activity, progress and results achieved in real time.

On each Performance Dashboard you can measure, track, identify and evidence activity, progress and achievements across all of performance data in real time:

  1. Profile Completion:

Your Personal Details

Learning assessments


Content Used

Contributor Scores

  1. Activity:

Logins & Visits

Focus by Development Area

Focus by Discipline

Goals Set

  1. Performance:

Goal Performance Score

Completion Scores

Goal Achievement Score

Development Pathway Stats

  1. Goals:

Goal Performance by Development Area

Goals by Session Type

Total Number of Goals

Goal Review

  1. Core Strengths:

Total Confidence Scores

Confidence Scores by Development Area

  1. Coaching Sessions:

Total Numbers

Session Performance Scores

Session Completion Scores

Sessions by Development Area

Sessions by Focus

Session Reviews

  1. Programmes:

Total Numbers

Programme Completion Scores

Personal Learning Assessments

Programmes by Development Area

Programme Reviews

  1. Coaching Models:

Total Numbers

Model Completion Scores

Models by Development Area

Star Ratings

Model Reviews

  1. Assessments:

Total Numbers

Assessment Completion Scores

Assessments by Development Area

Star Ratings

Assessment Reviews


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