Your Company CoachPro account is flexible and easy to manage. If a Team Member or Employee doesn’t engage with CoachPro, or does not make use of their opportunity to self-develop, you can look at the suggested approaches to increase their engagement, or you can replace them with another Team Member or Employee by deleting their account which will create access for another.

You can add or edit the Team Members and Employees on your Company CoachPro account at any time.

To get the full value and impact from your Company CoachPro Account it is important to look at the best ways of engaging them in the process.

As the Account Manager, you will have access to the overall Company Dashboard, your own Performance Dashboard, and the Dashboards of your Team Members and Employees to monitor and track activity, progress, results and areas of opportunity. This is where you can set goals, communicate and launch initiatives, and request any Reports or Assessments that are of value to you.

Top 10 Ways to Engage your Team Members & Employees on CoachPro

  1. Provide Context of Self-Development
  2. Insert Diarised Sessions into the Calendar
  3. Lead by Example
  4. Set a Goal
  5. Ask for a Report
  6. Give Performance Feedback
  7. Have a Deadline
  8. Communicate Progress & Activity
  9. Set Expectations
  10. Reinforce the Value of Self-Development

A Company CoachPro Account is for Organisations who want to encourage and support Self-Development across their Teams and Employees by providing access to all the structures, processes, content and performance measurement they need to reach their fullest potential. This Self-Development approach ensures that your Teams and Employees take greater ownership, enjoy greater personal growth, have greater confidence and achieve successful results that are more genuine, authentic and consistent.

Top 10 Benefits from a Company CoachPro Account

  1. Ethos of Self-Development
  2. Performance Measurement & Data
  3. Proven Structures & Processes
  4. Improved Results & Behaviours
  5. Unique Content
  6. Integrated System Approach
  7. Accessibility
  8. Low Cost
  9. Level of Control & Management
  10. Personalised Experience

Teams and Employees with greater self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management, sense of ownership and focus will always be able to drive greater results on the way to realising their potential.

Top 10 Reasons for having a Company CoachPro Account:

  1. Reinforces Self-Development approach and Ownership
  2. An Inclusive Solution
  3. Accessibility
  4. Low Cost
  5. Supports Wider Engagement
  6. Performance Measurement & Data
  7. Blended Learning
  8. Detailed Reporting & Management Information
  9. Personalised Development
  10. Easy to Manage

Your Company CoachPro Account also presents for you a complete Performance Dashboard that covers 27 key measures and indicators for you to track and monitor. As the Account Manager, you will have access to your own Dashboard, and to the Dashboards of the whole Team to be able to pinpoint results, activity and areas of strength and opportunity.

To create and reinforce a performance culture through self-development and self-directed learning it is vital to offer the platform, structures, processes and systematic approach to your Teams and Employees. Company CoachPro is your complete Self-Development partner.

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