You have a wide range of options on CoachPro, and new activities are always in the pipeline that are designed to support you on your self-development journey. All activity and content on CoachPro is designed and integrated into a complete self-development system so that you can build your unique pathways.

The CoachPro System™ has been organised for you into Development Areas in order to help you focus your efforts most effectively and be able to identify most clearly your key areas of strength and areas of opportunity. This also allows you to track, measure and make decisions based upon your activity and performance when building your self-development roadmap.

You can always choose which Development Areas you want to work on, and you may choose not to work on other areas for some time, or ever; you get to decide.

Throughout, you will be supported by Coaching Tips, Responsive Recommendations and Professional Guidance based upon your activity and results to ensure that you are confident and clear on where you decide to go next on your journey.

You have a great selection to choose from on CoachPro where there are 8 Development Areas from which you can decide what your next area of focus will be:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Managing Emotions
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Performance & Value
  • Business & Careers
  • Coaching Skills


There are then 4 main activities in each Development Area that combine to develop your core in your Personal Growth through a blended learning approach:

  • Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro support you with proven structures and processes that give you all the benefits from coaching at the same time developing your self-coaching skills and understanding. You will be given insightful questions to answer in sequences and order to bring clarity, motivation and commitment.
  • Assessments on CoachPro give you a wide range of high-performance topics on which to develop your self-awareness, self-assessment, self-confidence, skills and behaviours. Your assessments can be completed as self-assessments, or as 360 assessments where you also invite feedback and scores from chosen contributors. You will be given structured questionnaires to score from 1-10 that combine to creating a detailed report with responsive recommendations.
  • Coaching Models on CoachPro provide you with quick, sharp and easy to follow instructional videos that illustrate proven self-development approaches, frameworks and methods. This is a viewing experience designed to help you understand, absorb and apply insights on your topic of choice. You can Search on a topic or select from the 8 Development Areas, or the 33 Learning Topics to find what you are looking for, and what other related options you have.

Programmes on CoachPro present to you an inclusive collection of sessions, models and assessments that are focused on a specific topic to develop a deeper and comprehensive understanding of that topic. Your programmes will require time and determination as you are likely to have to revisit to complete, but the rewards and benefits in terms of your personal Growth and confidence make it well worth it!

You will be able to monitor and track your activity and results across all 8 Development Areas through your Performance Dashboard on CoachPro which will show you a detailed picture of where you are overall, the areas you are working on and the areas you are not yet, and then more specifically by Development Area, and by Topic, and by Activity.

Start on your Development areas today at