You are always in control of your self-development journey and which topics you choose to self-coach on. There are more than 70 different topics to choose from on CoachPro that have specific self-coaching sessions designed, and each of these will sit within the 8 Key Development Areas:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Managing Emotions
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Performance & Value
  • Business & Careers
  • Coaching Skills

You can always decide to complete a General Session in any of the Development Areas for whatever additional topic you wish to create.

The best guidance is to have a clear reason behind which topic you choose to self-coach on.

Top 10 Reasons for a Self-Coaching Topic:

  1. A topic of interest
  2. A topic for progression
  3. A topic of strength
  4. A topic of improvement
  5. A topic for understanding
  6. A topic of need
  7. A topic that is new
  8. A topic that is popular
  9. A topic that was recommended
  10. A random topic to get started

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