You have access to Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro that are guided and structured to ensure that you benefit from a proven process and clear measurement.

From setting up your Self-Coaching Session, to completing the session and then onto the assessment, reporting and performance measurement of each session The CoachPro System™ provides you with a step by step set of instructions, guidance, top tips and responsive recommendations in addition to a range of real time performance measures.

The Check-in and Goal-Setting System on CoachPro ensure that you find or create the Self-Coaching Session that fits with your goal.

The Self-Coaching Sessions are set out to guide you through each question of the process in sequence to ensure that you get the full benefit from every session.

The Personal Learning Assessment and Coach Report then help you capture your output and value from the session, while the responsive recommendations in your Report give you the links to build upon your strengths and identify areas of opportunity.

Your Performance Dashboard the captures and collates all the data from your Self-Coaching Sessions for review, continued development and identification of progress and achievement.

The Self-Coaching process on CoachPro offers you all the support you need to get the most value out of each session, and to build your confidence, awareness and understanding of how to coach.

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