The CoachPro System provides you will all the structures, processes, content and measurement to drive and support you on your Self-Development journey. The Self-Coaching Sessions, Assessments, Coaching Models and Programmes on CoachPro are designed to increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and results by identifying and building upon your strengths to then work on any areas of improvement and opportunity.

You have a great selection to choose from on CoachPro where there are 8 Development Areas from which you can decide what your next area of focus will be:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Managing Emotions
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Performance & Value
  • Business & Careers
  • Coaching Skills

On CoachPro you will get to self-assess on any chosen topic or situation or competence; to set goals and gain actionable insights, and to track, measure and celebrate your successes. Your complete Performance Dashboard will give you all the measurement and analysis of your activity and achievements in real time, and you will get responsive recommendations, coaching tips and professional guidance throughout.

The CoachPro System™ ensures that your self-development activity and results are always connected and building towards your goals and aims. This gives you responsive guidance, relevant recommendations and professional self-development tips based upon your scores, ratings and areas of focus.

You will not have to guess where to go next, you will not have to just come to a halt on your journey, or to travel in the dark hoping that you are doing this right. The CoachPro System™ is with you each step of the way, capturing all your activity, goals, learning and results, continually measuring and assessing your scores and ratings to provide personalised and responsive recommendations as to where you can go next to reach your full potential.

Top 10 Benefits of a Self-Development System:

  1. Fully integrated Content
  2. Personalised Journey
  3. Performance Measurement
  4. Never Get Lost
  5. Expert Guidance
  6. Responsive Recommendations
  7. Keeps You on Track
  8. Improved Focus
  9. Always Improving, Always Relevant
  10. Blended Learning

Self-Development is at least a level beyond that of self-improvement in terms of Personal Growth, Ownership and Building Self-Confidence. Self-Development is the most positive, effective and valuable approach to realising your full potential.

Self-Development will identify and focus on your areas of strength and confidence through greater self-awareness, and from this position then develop any areas of weakness or requiring improvement, so that developing these areas is less challenging. This ensures that you achieve results by being a better version of you, results that are more consistent, genuine and sustainable.

Self-Improvement will focus on your areas of weakness or gaps and look externally for other people’s solutions and answers. You can read the books, watch the videos and attend the webinars and events, but only by taking a Self-Development approach will you absorb, adapt and apply what you have learned so that you take ownership, build your confidence and grow as a person, so that your success is genuine, sincere and authentic.

Self-Development does require you to work things out and put the effort in so that you grow as a person through the experience.  It is a process of self-discovery and understanding that builds your own roadmap to reaching your full potential.  You will need to be ready to focus, willing to go through personal growth, and have a desire to own your future opportunities and results.  It is all there for you.

From CoachPro you can expect the best structures, processes, measurement and content to drive your self-development, personal growth and confidence to greater results and reach your full potential.

You can expect to be asked a lot of questions, to be challenged and supported, to be given some direction and recommendations, to be measured and assessed, to be listened and responded to, to be kept focused on outcomes and results, to make the journey meaningful and enjoyable, to be valued, and to be part of a growing global community.

Essentially, you can expect that CoachPro will always want to focus on your strengths and apply these to any areas you want to work on so that those areas become less challenging. You can expect that CoachPro will always want to support you positively and constructively in everything that you set out to learn or achieve. CoachPro is your ultimate self-development partner.

You have everything on CoachPro ready for you whenever and wherever you are wanting to continue your Self-Development Journey; for those more intense phases where you really want to get into or through something, and for those more creative ties when you want to take your time to explore, and for everything else in-between.

Percentage of Visits on CoachPro:

  1. Once Daily = 31%
  2. More than Once Daily = 22%
  3. More than Once Weekly = 20%
  4. Weekly = 17%
  5. More than Once Monthly = 5%
  6. Once per Month = 4%
  7. Other = 1%

Average Time per Visit on CoachPro:

  1. 10-15 Minutes = 36%
  2. 5-10 Minutes = 28%
  3. 15-25 Minutes = 21%
  4. More than 25 Minutes = 11%
  5. Less than 5 Minutes = 4%

You can decide how much time and how often you want to put int your self-development at CoachPro. As a platform that supports and develops your Personal Growth and Ownership, you have the flexibility to work in your time, at your pace, when and where you decide works best for you.

This may mean at times that you are visiting the platform daily for a few minutes, once a week for half an hour, or once a month for longer, the choice and the variety is there for you 24/7.