You have unlimited access to the Goal-Setting System and the Self-coaching Sessions on CoachPro where you can define and set high-impact Goals and begin working towards them as soon as you are ready!

The number of Goals that you can have is also unlimited, and there is value in having a wide range of Goals to give you that positive sense of direction, optimism and possibility. However, it is the Goals that you commit to working on that will bring everything you need on your Self-Development journey in terms of your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and personal growth.

It is good to have many goals, even having goals that you are not working on still has value and merit, but the Goals that you are working towards will do most for you on your road to fulfilment and happiness. This is about your Self-Development through taking ownership and determining your future, so you get to decide what works best for you in terms of the number of Goals you have, and how many you are actively working on at any time.

If your focus and path to success feels too narrow, then you might benefit from setting more Goals to open up your thinking and breathe better. If your focus and path to success feels too broad or vague, then you might benefit from working on a smaller number of your Goals for a while to build up some momentum.

All goals that you set on CoachPro are immediately captured and collated into your Performance Dashboard where you can continue to monitor, review and update your progress towards reaching each goal. As an important measure of your ongoing Self-Development journey, you can track your “Goal Performance Score” and your “Goal Achievement Score” in real time to assess your progress and achievements.

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