The great thing about self-development is that you get to determine the pace and time required for your journey. You are always in the driving seat, always the one with your foot on the pedal!

CoachPro is there as your self-development partner responding to the pace that you want to set at any time.

The content and activities on CoachPro have been specifically designed to offer short, sharp and focused opportunities to quickly develop insight, knowledge, awareness, confidence and skills.

  • QuickCoach Sessions (take 2-5 minutes to complete)
  • Self-Assessments (take 4-18 minutes to complete)
  • Coaching Models (take 4-12 minutes to view)
  • 360-Assessments (take 11-25 minutes to complete)
  • Coach16 Sessions (take 5-16 minutes to complete)
  • Personal Learning Assessments (take 2-6 minutes to complete)


For the things that you are clear on, and want to go far on, or to get there quicker, you can accelerate by putting in some more time. For the things that are still taking shape, or you want to progress gradually, you can go at the pace that suits you best. You can even stop, have a break, enjoy the scenery of a better place for a while, even take the time to learn more about it before deciding where’s next for you.

You have everything on CoachPro ready for you whenever and wherever you are wanting to continue your Self-Development Journey; for those more intense phases where you really want to get into or through something, and for those more creative ties when you want to take your time to explore, and for everything else in-between.

Percentage of Visits on CoachPro:

  1. Once Daily = 31%
  2. More than Once Daily = 22%
  3. More than Once Weekly = 20%
  4. Weekly = 17%
  5. More than Once Monthly = 5%
  6. Once per Month = 4%
  7. Other = 1%

Average Time per Visit on CoachPro:

  1. 10-15 Minutes = 36%
  2. 5-10 Minutes = 28%
  3. 15-25 Minutes = 21%
  4. More than 25 Minutes = 11%
  5. Less than 5 Minutes = 4%

You can decide how much time and how often you want to put int your self-development at CoachPro. As a platform that supports and develops your Personal Growth and Ownership, you have the flexibility to work in your time, at your pace, when and where you decide works best for you.

Self-Development is about ongoing journeys of discovery to reach amazing destinations. CoachPro is there to make sure you enjoy and complete your journeys!

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