You have unlimited access to a wide range of 360-Assessments on CoachPro that are quick and easy to set up and then deliver immediate insights, ratings, feedback and analysis of your performance, behaviour and skill on the topic of your choice.

Selecting your Contributors for your 360 Assessment on CoachPro is an important part of the process as the quality of your selection will determine to an extent the quality of feedback and input you will be able to receive from your Contributors. Your Contributors do not need to have a CoachPro account to provide you with feedback.

Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Contributor for Your 360-Assessment:

  1. How Well Do They Know You?
  2. How Confident Will They Be in Giving You Honest Feedback?
  3. How Well Can They Relate to The Assessment Topic?
  4. How Meaningful Will Their Feedback Be to You?
  5. How Likely Are They to Respond to Your Request?

Setting up and Completing your 360-Assessments on CoachPro is a quick and simple process which should take you 5-15 minutes to set up, and then 4-18 minutes to complete depending on your choice of Assessment.

Setting Up Your 360-Assessment

Part One: Self-Assessment

  1. Select your Development Topic
  2. Choose your Assessment
  3. Give yourself a rating of 1-10 for each Question
  4. Provide some written comments
  5. View Your Coach Report

Setting up Your 360-Assessment

Part Two: Contributor Assessment

  1. Select Your Contributors for the Assessment
  2. Input their Name & Email Address & Category
  3. Click “Submit”
  4. Review your “live” Coach Report as the responses come in.

When you click “Submit” your selected Contributors automatically receive an email “Invitation” to contribute to your Assessment with their ratings and feedback for you. Included in the email is a unique and secure link to your Assessment and instructions on how to rate you in each question from 1-10 and provide written comments if they wish. Once they complete their feedback and ratings they will receive a “Thank you” email message for their contribution to your Assessment.

Your Coach Report will now evolve and build in real time as each piece of feedback and rating is received.

Assessments play a key part in your Self-Development journey by enhancing your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination. With clear scores and responsive recommendations, your Assessments give you amazing support and direction to realising your full potential.

Your Assessments on CoachPro are quick and easy to complete by answering sets of questions on specific topics, behaviours and skills where you can rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. It really is that simple to immediately gain accurate data and analysis to increase your self-awareness and confidence.

You can find the range of Assessments available on CoachPro by clicking Assessments or by typing a topic or phrase into Search.

You have 2 Assessment options:

  • Self-Assessments, where you complete the questions by rating your own performance, skill level or behaviour from 1-10. This gives you an accurate picture of how you see things to identify your strengths and opportunities from your perspective.
  • 360-Assessments, where you provide your own ratings and then invite ratings on your performance, skill level or behaviour from others that you have chosen to invite. This gives you a comparative picture of how you and then others see things in terms of your strengths and opportunities from a wider perspective.

On completing your Self-Assessment, which will take you 4-18 minutes depending on the number of questions, your scores and feedback are immediately collated into a detailed Coach Report for that Assessment. Your Report captures all the valuable data from your Assessment:

  • Overall Assessment Score
  • Illustrative Assessment Graph
  • Responsive Recommendations
  • Scores by Discipline
  • Scores by Question
  • Written Comments
  • Coaching Tips

If you have chosen the 360-Assessment Option, which will take 5-10 minutes more to set up the invitations to the Contributors you have selected by entering their name and email address, you will immediately open up a “live” Coach Report which continues to evolve and build as the scores and responses from your Contributors are received.

Your Coach Report from each Assessment you complete offers you Responsive Recommendations which give you links to relevant content based upon your individual scores and feedback. This provides you with suggestions and direction in terms of building your self-development roadmap to reach your full potential.

Once you have completed your Assessment you have the option to fill in your Personal Learning Assessment, a quick 5-point questionnaire that is designed to increase your absorption and application of what you have learned so that you get most value from your work. You can also rate the overall Assessment from 1-5 stars.

Each Assessment that you start or complete is automatically saved, and your scores collated, into your Performance Dashboard on CoachPro. This allows you to review, revisit and complete your Assessments at any time.

You also have a range of activity and performance measures within your Performance Dashboard which allows you to track, monitor and identify where your strengths and areas of opportunity are:

  • Number of Assessments
  • Assessment Completion Score
  • Assessments by Development Topic
  • Individual vs Programme Assessments
  • Personal Learning Scores
  • Star Ratings

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