You can be assured that you have a private and password protected Account on CoachPro.

CoachPro security is SSL Certificated to protect data sent across the internet and as we sit on a dedicated server, we provide you with even greater security and performance.

CoachPro does not share or give access to any of your personal information to any third parties or partners.

Your account on CoachPro remains password protected at all times. You can update or change your personal password at any time by going into your Profile and selecting “Change Password”.

If you forget or misplace your username or password, you can click on “Forgotten Password” when you sign in.

Your personal account details are held securely on The CoachPro System™ platform where only you can access using your username and password.

Your payment card details can be held securely on the PayPal platform to avoid entering your details each time you subscribe, and to pay with confidence and protection.

CoachPro provides you with a self-development platform that allows you to focus on your personal growth and success knowing that your details remain confidential and secure at all times.

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