The CoachPro System™ is your ideal self-development partner designed to support and direct you in building your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and results to realise your fullest potential.

You can subscribe to CoachPro for unlimited access to all the self-development structures, processes, content and performance measurement on a monthly or yearly basis. The monthly plan offers you flexibility while the yearly plan offers you further cost savings. All major credit or debit cards are accepted on CoachPro.

Most Popular Subscription Choices:

  1. Annual Subscription = 54%
  2. Monthly Subscription = 46%

You can subscribe one month at a time, or yearly for 12 months at a time. You will be notified at least 1 week before the date when your subscription is due for renewal. If the cost of subscription were to change you will be notified in advance of any renewal. The current subscription offer is not designed to entice members in and then hike up the cost. Our intention is for access to CoachPro to remain as a low-cost and high-value platform for as many people as possible.

With unlimited access, you can complete the Self-Coaching Sessions, Assessments, Coaching Models and Programmes in the Development Areas that you want to work on as often as you wish. In addition, you will have a full Performance Dashboard providing you with analysis and measurement of all your activity, reports and results, and also a range of Responsive Recommendations and Coaching Tips to help you decide on where to go next.

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You can pay for your subscription to an Individual CoachPro account using any major credit or debit card, and if you are opening a Company CoachPro account you can also choose to pay by invoice.

You can also get a quote from the CoachPro Cost Comparison to see how much you can save with your subscription to CoachPro.

There can be some special offers available on CoachPro so please visit Pricing at to find out.

You get 7 days free access to CoachPro when you set up your account, after which your account will work on a monthly or annual basis depending on your level of subscription.

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