Each Self-Coaching Session you complete on CoachPro generates a Coach Report to capture all your answers, assessment and ratings for that session. You will also be provided with recommendations and links in direct response to the scores and ratings in your Report.

Your Coach Report automatically saves each of your Answers to the Questions you have been asked in your Self-Coaching Session so that you have an immediate record of your thoughts and responses to review and consider. This lists your thinking and answers in a form and order that is ready for presentation.

Your Coach Report also captures and collates your Self-Assessment of the session, rating your output in terms of:

  • Direction
  • Motivation
  • Influence
  • Commitment
  • *Purpose
  • *Understanding
  • *Plans
  • *Actions

*Coach16 Self-Coaching Sessions only


Your Coach Report even provides you with Responsive Recommendations & Links to content across The CoachPro System™ for further development based upon your session scores and ratings.

All of your Coach Reports are then stored and available for review on your Performance Dashboard.

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