You can start, stop and restart any of your Self-Coaching Sessions at any time on CoachPro. As the system automatically saves your sessions as you work through each question, you can come out of a Self-coaching Session and then return to where you left off at a later stage.

Each goal, topic, situation or opportunity you choose to work on during your Self-Development journey can be a different experience in terms of the flow of your thinking, the depth of your answers, your familiarity with the topic, the level of urgency involved, or the amount of reflection required to get the most out of each Self-Coaching Session.

Although many Self-Coaching Sessions will be short, sharp and completed in just a few minutes, there can also be great value at times in being able to step away from a Session in order to regroup, refresh, confer, or to allow your thinking to percolate and form before going to the next questions in the process. On CoachPro you can be assured that all the work you have put in so far has been safely kept for you to return to, review or change before you go on to complete your Session.

It is important therefore that your Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro offer you great flexibility and convenience in terms of your time and space to think. The flexibility you have on CoachPro means that you can stop, pause, reflect and return to your Self-Coaching Session as many times as you wish to complete it the way you want to, when you want to.

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