You can complete your Self-Coaching sessions within minutes in the confidence that The CoachPro System™ has captured and collated your output, assessment and performance data. This ensures that every Self-Coaching Session you complete has value and contributes towards your Self-Development roadmap.

Once completed, you can immediately assess your Self-Coaching Session and view your Coach Report for that session. Included in your Coach Report are all your answers, scores and feedback for review.

In addition, each of your Self-Coaching Sessions are automatically captured onto your Performance Dashboard where all your Coaching Sessions, Reports and Goals are stored for you to revisit or review. Also on the Dashboard are all your performance and activity data that is collated in real time to give you insight into high-performance scores such as Goal Performance, Goal Achievement, Completion, Activity Focus etc.

Your Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro are a key element of your Self-Development journey for Personal Growth.  Your Self-Coaching Sessions are the base for the Self-Development process to drive your self-confidence, self-awareness, self-control, influence and results.

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