You have unlimited access to a wide range of Coaching Models on CoachPro, with each video completed within 4 – 16 minutes depending on your choice of Coaching Model.

If at any time you are unable to complete the Coaching Model you are watching, CoachPro automatically registers where you have got to and saves that as your starting position when you next return and continue viewing. You can also then choose to rewind the video back to the start or to another point where you want to pick up from.

Even if you have not yet completed watching a Coaching Model it will be captured and placed into your Performance Dashboard so that you can review or restart that video at your convenience.

Once you have completed a Coaching Model on CoachPro you can provide a Personal Learning Assessment which helps increase your levels of absorption and application of your learning from each Model and helps drive your Personal Growth and Confidence. You can also rate and review each Model for future and wider reference. You can revisit and re-watch any of the Coaching Models as many times as you wish.

Each Coaching Model you select is immediately stored in your Performance Dashboard as you continue to build your own collection of Models and frameworks on your self-development journey. This also allows you to pinpoint quickly the Models that you want to revisit and re-watch for a deeper understanding. Your Performance Dashboard also collates your development data in terms of which areas and topics you are working on in terms of your Coaching Models to help you identify your strengths and areas of opportunity.

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