CoachPro provides you with a step by step Self-Coaching process to ensure that you get the optimal benefit from your Self-Coaching Sessions whatever your level of understanding or experience of coaching is currently.

In addition, CoachPro offers you support before and beyond your Self-Coaching Sessions so that the insights, realisations and learning from self-coaching can sit at the heart of your self-development journey.

In advance of your Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro you can Check-In, Self-Assess to identify areas of opportunity or interest, choose to learn more on a topic, and then use the Goal-Setting System to set out your aims and ambitions and give you a goal for your self-coaching session.

You have a great selection to choose from on CoachPro. There are 8 Development Areas from which you can decide what your next session focus will be:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Managing Emotions
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Performance & Value
  • Business & Careers
  • Coaching Skills


The Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro then provide you with a flexible set of structured coaching questions to achieve greater clarity of direction, motivation, ideas for influence and commitment to take action on achieving the goals that you set.

After completing your Self-Coaching Session you can then assess how well you have done and the quality of your output which is collated into your Coach Report for that session. This report also contains responsive links based upon your assessment to relevant content across The CoachPro System™ and all your data is collated and captured in your Performance Dashboard in real time. You can review your Coach Reports at any time to track your progress, actions and achievements.

Self-Coaching is something that you can do. CoachPro will make sure that you get to do it really well, each and every time!

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