360 Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro are unique and exclusive to The CoachPro System™. This Self-Coaching Session option allows you to include others in your self-coaching process by inviting their assessment and feedback on the output from your session. This can be a great way of engaging others into your self-development journey and goals, and for developing a broader view and assessment of your plans and actions.

Setting up a 360 Self-Coaching Session on CoachPro is as simple as selecting the 360 version of your Self-Coaching Session.

  • Complete your session, which produces a Coach Report.
  • Input the name and email address of the people or person you want to request feedback from for this session.
  • Click “request” and they will immediately receive an email invitation with a secure link to your Coach Report.
  • Their feedback and assessment appears on your Coach Report in real time.

Start Self-Coaching today at https://app.coachpro.online/register