You have unlimited access to the Goal-Setting System and Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro where you will be guided and supported to set and then work on your chosen Goals to build strong momentum. Using the Coaching Models you will also develop a clearer understanding and appreciation of the difference and the relationship between Goals and Vision.

The Goals that you set on CoachPro using the Goal-Setting System and the Self-Coaching Sessions will reflect your growing levels of confidence, ambition, self-awareness and commitment to succeed. Your goals with be clear, they will be assessed, they will be big, stretching and beyond logic, they will illustrate the size of your thinking, your determination to own your future, and your level of personal growth.

The Vison you create in terms of your future ambitions and impact will play a part in ensuring that your Goals and your Objectives are aligned to a bigger picture and sense of purpose. Your Vision will be about the impact you want to have, the purpose you want to fulfil, and what you imagine the ultimate difference you can make is. You will have many opportunities to set out and articulate your Vision for your Self-Development journey to ensure that you maintain the highest levels of energy, passion and momentum.

All goals that you set on CoachPro are immediately captured and collated into your Performance Dashboard where you can continue to monitor, review and update your progress towards reaching each goal. As an important measure of your ongoing Self-Development journey, you can track your “Goal Performance Score” and your “Goal Achievement Score” in real time to assess your progress and achievements.

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