Self-Coaching is a key process in your continued Self-Development and we want you to enjoy comprehensive support when Self-Coaching on CoachPro so that you can self-coach with focus, confidence, assurance and creativity to reach your goals.

The support on CoachPro can even begin before your Self-Coaching Session by helping you self-assess on the Check-in System to identify areas to work on, or by going through the Goal-Setting System to define, shape and clarify the Goal that you want to self-coach on.

You then have CoachPro support throughout your Self-Coaching Session with a proven structure of high-impact questions in a sequence to help you build greater direction, clarity, motivation and commitment to taking action towards achieving your goal.

After completing your Self-Coaching Session, you are then guided through a self-assessment of your session to ensure that you capture the output and value of your work. This is immediately compiled into your own Coach Report with all your answers, scores and responsive recommendations s that you know where to go next to continue your journey.

To complete your Self-Coaching support system on CoachPro, each Coach Report and Goal that you have set from a Self-Coaching Session is captured and collated for you into your Performance Dashboard. From there you can revisit and review any previous session or goal, and get an insight into your Self-Coaching performance in terms of your activity, focus, completion, effectiveness, progress and achievement.

Self-Coaching is a key element in the success of your Self-Development and CoachPro provides you with a comprehensive level of support to ensure that Self-Development becomes a key strength, attribute and skill that drives you to realising your full potential.

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