Included in your CoachPro account is full access to all CoachPro Podcasts that are designed to include you in the conversations about everything that is self-development. An additional and complimentary learning option, you will hear the practical and insightful insights, examples, anecdotes and step by step guidance in getting the most out of your self-development.

You have a great selection of Podcasts to choose from on CoachPro where there are 8 Development Areas from which you can decide what your next area of focus will be:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Managing Emotions
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Performance & Value
  • Business & Careers
  • Coaching Skills

The CoachPro Podcasts have been designed to integrate into The CoachPro System™ so that the topics discussed, and the models and concepts introduced are then available to you to work with. The Podcasts provide you will an additional blend to your learning which compliments the Self-Coaching Sessions, Assessments, Models and Programmes on CoachPro. You do not pay extra for your CoachPro Podacsts, they are all part of your package.

Top 10 Benefits of a Self-Development System:

  1. Fully integrated Content
  2. Personalised Journey
  3. Performance Measurement
  4. Never Get Lost
  5. Expert Guidance
  6. Responsive Recommendations
  7. Keeps You on Track
  8. Improved Focus
  9. Always Improving, Always Relevant
  10. Blended Learning

Your CoachPro Podcasts allow you to continue your Self-Development journey while you sit back and relax, while you walk, while your travel, or whenever or wherever works best for you!

You can listen to your CoachPro Podcasts directly from your CoachPro Account, or you can click on the links to download the Podcasts from your chosen Podcast platform.

The CoachPro Podcasts are hosted by Warren Hammond and creator of CoachPro, Stephen Gribben. Clients, Business Associates and Personal Friends for many years, you will find their insights, anecdotes, example and self-development guidance of great value in building towards reaching your full potential and reaching your goals.

Top 10 Reasons for a Choosing a Podcast on CoachPro:

  1. A topic of interest
  2. A topic for progression
  3. A topic of strength
  4. A topic of improvement
  5. A topic for understanding
  6. A topic of need
  7. A topic that is new
  8. A topic that is popular
  9. A topic that was recommended
  10. A random topic to get started

All episodes on the CoachPro Podcasts are supported by recommended links and detailed notes to ensure that you get the most out of every conversation and can continue your self-development journey.

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